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panoramic view of KL at night
I had always been fascinated with Malaysia ever since the Petronas Twin Towers were completed in 1998. I was just 11 at that time. I had been fascinated with the worlds' largest and tallest and highest things right from childhood. Not very much acquainted with the rest of the world at that time, Malaysia was pretty close to home; just 5 and half hours of flying away. The best time to Malaysia is throughout the year. My dream of visiting the worlds' tallest twin towers came true two years back when my parents took me on a surprise trip to south east Asia. Since then I had visited lots of Guinness record breaking constructions; but since this was my first, it will always hold a special significance in my life.

It was day 2. It was night time when our Air Asia flight landed in Malaysia. So we had to wait for the next day before we could start any exploration.

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city with skyscrapers. During the night it lights up beautifully. It is not like just any other city as its skyline is adorned with Twin Towers and Menara Kuala Lumpur(KL Tower). The KL Tower is a communication tower with an observatory deck at the top for viewers to see the city. It is the 4th highest stand alone tower in the world. At least it was when we visited in 2011. Nowdays old records are broken and new ones made every other day :)

We had taken a package tour from D Pauls. So in the evening after 6, the bus picked us up from our hotel to show us the beautifully lit up city.

my parents inside our bus. we are just about to start our journey....
 Our first stop was the KL Tower. Our guide Danny got the tickets. I regret till today that if I would have bought the tickets, they would have been with me. I am a big time hoarder; believe me, I preserve each and everything that I come upon in any trip!!!
me at the entry to KL Tower

We get into an elevator and it swishes through numbers of floors and finally we reach the observatory deck to see this!!!

It was not fully dark yet, lights were gradually being on

here I am doing my favourite thing...shopping!! me posing with the staff of souvenir shop. This is when my dad got angry and chided us(me and mom) to concentrate on sight seeing :D .I really regret buying stuff from here as later on in the trip those things were way CHEAPER!!!
my first glimpse of the lit up twin towers!!

the city getting illuminated

the photographer read my mom trying to squeeze me in between the twin towers and HSBC bank!!

showtime over!! we were in the deck for about 1 hour viewing the city from 360 degrees!! here I am fascinated with the sparkling crystal ceiling!!     

with a Malay official in her national costume..

a toy like replica of the tower

the tower from outside. this pic is taken from just below the tower.

fluorescent trees in the campus

me getting into the bus

the bus fancily painted..

now the fully illuminated twin towers!! what a sight!!

just love this pic of mine!! the memory is still fresh!!

the city at night...

the towers from a distance!! coud not get enough!!

Our tour operators had taken us to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Since Diwali was round the corner, a beautiful rangoli was adorning the floor.

my dinner plate!! eating is my all time favourite pastime!!

me and bapi(as I call my dad) having a palatable dinner!!

the restaurant; The Olive tree was very nice...amazing food and ambience...

at the bar..

the restaurant from outside. stomach full and mind happy :D

one of my fav pic of this night...with iconic Marylin Monroe!!
  It was a wonderful conclusion to a beautiful day. We got into the bus and we were back at the hotel. loaded with memories, we set off to bed as the next day was going to be more eventful!!

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