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Hello my lovely readers!! By now you all must have come to know how crazy I am about birthdays!! And with my birthday just two days to go, I cannot contain my excitement!! In this post I am going to share my first birthday after marriage..two years ago!! It was really special as it my first as a wife!! Hope you enjoy reading :)

I am a complete water baby :) That explains my repeatedly water related it the beach or river or pool. In a land locked area like Delhi , one cannot get to the coast at a moment's notice. For that we have water parks that emulate splash experience very nicely!! So we decided to pay a visit to Fun and Food village...Delhi's oldest amusement and water park to fulfill my beachy fantasies!!

At that time we were staying in mayur vihar that is East Delhi. And the water park is in Kapasheda...absolute south west. It meant zipping across the entire breadth of the city. After directions from google earth, we set off after breakfast ; the earlier we reach, more the time we get for enjoyment (early being 11am). But as anticipated, we reached Dhaula Kuan on time only to get lost after that :D We had driven 40 kms smoothly but alas !! After asking directions from a dozen passerby (more than half of them misguided us), we finally reached!! But not before driving another useless 20 kms!! :D

Well I agree that had not been the ride so eventful; I would not have remembered it so vividly even after two years!!

as we entered the premises, we found some queer characters :)

hubby with an one eyed monster :D

the alley that led to the water rides...

and here I am in the wave pool!!! yayy!!

hubby relaxing on the lounger...

finally a pic of us in the wave pool!!

rain rain dont go away!!

trying to emulate John Abraham :D

can you spot me on the slide??

there I am...sliding to my heart's content!!

rainbow showers...

back to childhood!!!

back to childhood!!!

are not those buckets really cute??

unintentionally offensive :D pun intended :D

rain dance...

embracing a leopard...only its statue!!

since we reached quite late(remember those useless wandering in the city??) the water rides took most of our time. We could try only one ride in the dry section before it struck 6. Alas money waste but worse we could not enjoy fully.

rides closed what?? I could take pictures with the surroundings :D

does not he look like a tiny dragon himself?? :D

yummy fruit garden...

 Finally it was goodbye to Fun n Food Village. Though did not feel like leaving, the grumbling stomach sounds compelled us to head to some eatery. We were far from almost every favourite joint of ours. After much argument and discussion, we headed towards Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj. A new mediterranean restaurant had opened and it being one of my favourite cuisine; we wasted no time!!
loved the ambience...

shirley's temple...

as far as I remember, it was delicious but not worth its price (courtsey my hubby :D)

loved their kitchen though!!

loved their kitchen though!!

there we are first birthday as a wife :D

the delighted birthday girl after an amazing day..... :D

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