by - 6/25/2013

This birthday I decided to keep my own plans on hold and wait for my hubby to shell out something on his own. After all why should I always keep planning !! :D I remained mum throughout the week; my husband knew in his mind that everything is set. One day before , when I was still mum, he understood that he has to take the matter in his own hands and therefore he started begging that I should think something :D I grinned ear to ear and then elaborated what I had in mind. 

For dinner we went to the Park hotel. We both love this place and the ambience is amazing. After dinner , we decided to stroll around. The best thing about Delhi is that it is a perfect blend of technology and history!! I am simply mesmerised by the Mughal architecture!! So for a change , we decided to pay a visit to Tomb of Sikander lodi, the second ruler of Lodi Dynasty. Is not it unusual to visit a mausoleum on one's birthday?? Well, not for freaks like us!! It was pitch dark when we reached there and it was a totally different experience romping around the dimly lit ruins!!

In Hotel The Park, love the orange chandeliers...

an abstract art depicting the city...

love the dimly lit ambience...

love the dimly lit ambience...

I always love pink :D
After an early dinner, we set out for the tomb which was located on Lodi Road between the Khan market and Safdurjung tomb. The whole place was dimly lit which gave an eerie feeling of history :D

wall of the tomb of sikander lodi..

as if it was already not scary enough; I climbed a flight of dark stairs to reach this tower :D

looks like a scary prison!!

while descending from that scary tower....

my hubby suggested that I should take a pic of my back :D

suddenly hubby came in mood of exercise!!

push ups with a full stomach...
As it was almost half past eight, it was time for the place to close. The guards started blewing whistles to evacuate the place and we decided to explore this place sometime later; during daytime sans the eerie feeling!!
Though we didnot want to go back home. After all its my birthday!! So we headed towards our all time favourite eating cum shopping joint Dilli Haat.
the ambience is always festive here!!

Shops galore, I just love spending here!!

our first joint pic for the night...

colourful Rajasthani handicrafts...

the wheel :D If you have read my posts earlier, U gotta know why I am fascinated with it so much :D

cute fluorescent shrubs!!
It was time for Dilli Haat to shut down too!! So we had to head towards option :D And it was the perfect conclusion of my birthday!! This was my third after marriage and fourth after meeting my Mr right. Time indeed flies soo fast!!!

TRAVEL TIP: I have started adding this as a suggestion from my well wishers.

1.Visit here in broad day light
2.Delhi is uncomfortable during summers for those who are not used to 
3.Carry plenty of water and umbrella or hat. 

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  1. love the yellow skirt ^^

  2. Happy Birthday to you dear.
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Your outfits are super cute
    so does the hotel you visited :)

  3. How do I follow you babe? I don't see GFC or Bloglovin'


    1. you can follow by e mail or add my blog's link in your reading list :)

    2. thanku so much for telling can follow me on bloglovin now :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Great idea to go exploring ancient monuments at night - specially as it's so hot in the daytime.