5 Most flattering dresses on your body type

by - 11/19/2021

 There are two types of girls in this world: the dress girl and the trouser girl. Which one are you? Falling under a particular category does not mean that you can't or don't wear the other one. It simply means that you are truly partial towards that particular category and love to drape yourself in that. I am clearly a 'Dress' kind of girl. I think it's very apparent from my online image. However there are reasons for my selection. Firstly I feel that trousers/jeans don't flatter me that much. Being short, I tend to look frumpy. Secondly, I clearly have a wide midriff (thanks to 2 babies and a sedentary lockdown), I am in my worst shape. Last but not the least, dresses are my way of getting primp. Since I wear jeans and trousers for majority of my life (clinic, chores, home etc), dresses signify either partying or holidaying or simply taking a break. And voila, there you go!

As places have started opening up for travel, I have started browsing the internet too for good bargains. I just came across this huge selection of women's dresses online and got hooked! So much variety and such competitive price points! The designs are incredible and I started adding one by one in my cart for our next vacation. Since I consider myself a dress connoisseur, here I am sharing  types of dresses that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

1. Skater Dress: The flounce at the bottom and a fitted waist makes sure that you can never go wrong with this style. Whether you are petite or plus size, this silhouette is bound to look good on you.

2. Bodycon Dress: If you want something that will hug you in all the right places and have a slimming effect, this is your type. A white bodycon dress is an essential in every fashionista's wardrobe. It's the perfect accompaniment to an elegant party, be it official or wedding, casual brunch or a birthday.

3. Little Black Dress: An LBD is a classic. It need not be 'little' it just needs to be fully black. Make sure you have it all styles and silhouettes. You probably look your best in an LBD.

4. Midi dress: If a Maxi dress is not your jam but you want something conservative, then this is your call. One may not like a maxi for so many reasons, too much fabric, not fit for short height etc etc. A midi is absolutely modest yet not too much fabric, does not sweep the floors and shows just the right amount of skin. The best casual dresses are often midis because they are so comfortable and flattering.

5. Asymmetrical dress: The zigzag hemline does all the talking and hence seizes away the attention from the wrong places. Not only the dramatic hemline makes it a special outfit but makes you look pretty and youthful.

So what kind of dress person are you? Or do you prefer trousers? Let me know!

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