Do you want the summers to end?

by - 7/16/2019

Although monsoon means a beautiful white sweater, but who wants summers to end anyway? Then what would happen to endless glasses of Pina colada, lazying under a beach umbrella in a palm print swimsuit and all the cute outfits from  ? Well guess I am lucky as I live in Delhi; that part of North India where you have summers for 10 months! So when people in the West are busy prepping up for fall, I am still basking in the sunshine. I also have a couple of getaways coming up. They are of course summer destinations so I have a long list of items to be stocked before I leave!
Africanmall has always been my go to websites for vacation shopping or in fact all sorts of shopping. I have bought tonnes of things in the past and would continue doing so as they have so many cute items! Not only they are well priced but they are offering 3 items for $24.9. And that's a major deal maker for me. I am simply on the hunt for great offers !
So for my next getaway, here is what all I need:

Dressy Jumpsuits And Rompers Nothing screams summer more than a pretty romper. Bright colour, punchy print. Floral prints are not ground breaking but when you have such happy sunflowers all over, who can resist this gorgeous number? This all white jumpsuit is so elegant and dressy. You can wear it to a wedding to...right?
Cute Matching sets: Who goes to the beach or even on a vacation without cute matching sets? Not me at least! Its a sin!

tops for women: I like to keep a variety of tops with me on a vacay or even in my wardrobe so that I can switch my look from time to time without spending much! How cute is this shimmery eye top? You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion or your mood!
Sun Hat: Do you want to squint at the glare of the sun falling on your face? No! A wide brim sun hat not only protects you but ups your style quotient exponentially.

Beach Tote: You need so much to carry when at a beach: water, sunscreen, books, some snacks, towel, etc etc. For that you need a big bag. Straw bags are really hot right now. And with those colourful pompoms hanging, you need it ASAP!
Sunnies: Its important that you protect your eyes from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. Grab this elegant cat eyed sunglasses for dual purpose.

What's a vacation without dresses? Is there any girl who does not like dresses? Well no one that I know of! Stripes are a universal favourite; especially vertical ones as well as  bodycon dresses and high low ones. We always hear that one should dress according to the body type and not according to trends. Having said that, both can be combined too! So embrace things that are classic yet always trendy like stripes. Here are my few favourite dresses.

Maxi Dress: This kind hugs your body at just the right places and slims your pelvis and elongates your lower half. 
 High Low dress: The best part about this style is that the longer back hides your bottom which is often the most insecure part of a female. I love how flirty it is without being revealing. Also you can stoop without any worries!  See through dress: Okay so this may not be for everyone but is very flirty nonetheless. You can layer with a cami or just go with it as it is! Here are plenty of see through dress for you! 

Is there anything I missed in my vacation wishlist? Let me know! Head over to  to complete your summer shopping!

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