What do you love most about summers?

by - 6/15/2020

Which is your favourite season? For me, its definitely summer! Although summer in Delhi can be quite harsh but hey what are pool parties for? The air is filled with fragrances of frangipani and Nyctanthus. There are colours everywhere! 

When it comes to fashion, summer is my absolute favourite. This season signifies lovely colours which ooze warmth. Prints and breezy silhouettes, florals and bright colours and everything cheery and happy. While browsing the web for latest summer essentials, I came across Prestarrs which had everything I wanted! Lots of cheap summer clothes.

I wanted to shop so many things but I finally narrowed down to these five categories.

1. Plus size Dress: Just because you are slightly on the other side of the weighing scale does not mean that you don't deserve to be stylish! Every woman is beautiful in her own way! It's the confidence that matters! Find a variety of 

2. Women's Dresses: Not only I am crazy about this print but look at its silhouette and fit! You can get lots of bodycon dresses online.

3. Faux Leather: Summer is incomplete without leather right? Short leather skirts are so sexy! Faux because I am totally against animal products. Animals are to be admired from a distance right? And not to be worn!

4. Cape: For those nights which are nor too cold but still need layering, this is the perfect outerwear. It covers your arms and adds that much needed dose of style and warmth.

5. Maxi dresses: What's summer season without maxi dresses? Don't get intimated by the length, the flowiness and the freedom in which you can move is to die for! I just love the cheap maxi dresses on Prestarrs.
So stock up your summer wardrobe right now from Prestarrs.!

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  1. I love everything about summers. I feel it’s less hard work during summers and yes the amazing dresses one can wear is lovely.

  2. These are lovely outfits you have mentioned. I like breezy summer dresses too. But this summer has been spent in shorts and Ts at home, doing nothing, because of the virus!!

  3. For me I like all seasons for different reasons. Summers used to be fun and when I can manage travels its super but if not can become rather sad haha

  4. I like a lot of things about summers. Like eating mangoes, lazing inside a pool, visiting water parks with friends and family, eating ice-creams, etc. What I don't like is going out in the scorching heat!

  5. Manisha - Summers is a good opportunity to try various vibrant print and colors. Maxi dresses has been my latest craze.