How TikTok is the New Normal of 2020

by - 6/30/2020

Alright, so we have been homebound for almost three months. What has changed during this period? Everything! From having no domestic help to cooking every single meal at home, from working from my laptop to my toddler's daily online classes, to stocking up on multi coloured masks, these things have become an integral part of our lives or #TheNewNormal.

If there is something that let's you push back your worries in these uncertain times, it's TikTok. People have been resorting to this app for every aspect of life. TikTok has become #TheNewNormal. What do I watch on TikTok? Well literally everything!
When the Government of India itself is on TikTok, what do you expect? From giving information on Covid to how to wear masks, from saluting our soldiers on the borders to the PM speaking himself, you can stay upto date with current affairs through TikTok. And of course the entertainment factor is forever there.
Well the content creators have been doing exceptionally well. They have adapted to this home quarantine situation and have been churning out content suited to our new lifestyle. 
I am happy I don't have to scour the NEWS channel for current affairs. I personally love watching NEWS but not these days. They have become a source of negativity and I have been trying to keep away from my television set. This where TikTok Newsroom comes to play. I love the plethora of articles in the Newsroom and   I get lost in reading. 
There is nothing more entertaining than TikTok videos. The short humorous ones are my favorite. That's the best way to unwind after a long, stressful day. Hats off to the creators who post such hilarious content. Those are enough to uplift anyone's mood.
The food posts satiate my hunger cravings. Although I cook a lot (a storm in fact) and our home has become an eatery these days, there is nothing more satisfying than a time lapsed burger recipe or a Dalgona coffee. If I want to trim my hair, I would look for those kind of videos. If I want to give my bedroom a facelift, I open up Home decor/DIY videos. If I am looking for home workout motivation, I look no more!
Last but not the least, watching video of pets is a stressbuster for me. The amount of unconditional love which they provide is unmatched and TikTok is an amazing platform to freeze those moments. 
Guys I have joined TikTok too. My handle is docdivatraveller. However I am yet to post videos! I am already engrossed with their content to make any of my own :D Are you guys on TikTok? What kind of videos are your favorite?

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