5 Essentials in a Hand Bag

by - 6/29/2020

A girl's handbag is like a black hole (according to men 😃) Well it may not be a black hole but definitely the universe, right girls? We love to carry everything that might be remotely useful to us for the trip or even a daily commute. However we should try to edit our bag from time to time.
So here I am listing 5 absolute essentials (apart from cash, keys, make up essentials and pads) that are a must have in a woman's purse. However the needs may vary according to the role you are playing. Like if you are a mom, you may need to carry a dozen other things. So I am trying to curate a general essentials list.

1. Toilet seat sanitizer: Well I can't stress on this product enough. I can't even imagine stepping out of my house without my spray. Apart from the fact that it keeps me safe, its pleasant smell uplifts my mood too.

2. Healthy snacks: Well you never know for how long you may get stuck in traffic jam and you may be famished. With working moms it often happens that we step out without breakfast. So imagine how hangry we gonna be if we get stranded by any reason.
Avoid keeping biscuits in your bag. It would lead to consumption of empty calories. Keep a fruit of your choice (sliced preferably) or a whole apple or banana if short on time. Also keep roasted almonds and pistachios. Delicious and healthy.
3. A bottle of water: I never ever step out of the house without a bottle. Depending upon the size of my purse, I carry a bottle accordingly. It serves many purposes. It helps me hydrate regularly. It's economic because I don't have to buy a bottle and is environment friendly as I don't have to dispose it. I can't even count how many times I have quenched my friends' thirst with my bottle.

4.Umbrella: Get a small folding umbrella that fits in a purse. It's a life saver. Given the heat that Delhi has 10 months a year, it makes walking those few steps to and fro from the metro a cakewalk. Also you are always prepared for a sudden shower.

5. Intimate wipes: Last but not the least, these are a must. I have the everteen Natural Intimate wipes in my purse all the time.

The everteen intimate hygiene wipes are made with pure natural fabric to give your intimate area soft & soothing touch while wiping. It helps to keep your vaginal skin soft & fresh with its ultra-soft fabric.
Now maintain your intimate hygiene anytime, anywhere with everteen intimate hygiene wipes that gives you ultimate relief against discomfort while you are on the GO!
Carry as you need!

The everteen intimate hygiene wipes are convenient to use and easy to carry. The wipes are individually wrapped to lessen your burden of carrying the whole bulky pack.

Every wipe is ultra-soft which is made of 100 percent natural and biodegradable cloth. The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from natural plant extracts. Mild formula of everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes is entirely free from alcohol, sls and parabens. Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are ultra-soft and wrapped individually for your convenience when you are on the move.

Free from alcohol, SLS and Parabens, everteen wipes provide you relief from intimate discomfort while helping you feel fresh & clean with mild-cleansing properties
everteen helps you maintain intimate hygiene all the time ON-THE-MOVE

Perfect to use anytime:

  • Before after intimate activity.
  •  After urination.
  •  During periods.
  •  Anytime you just want to feel fresh clean. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Tear open sachet. Open & unfold wipe. Thoroughly wipe external private area from front to back. After cleansing, simply dispose off.

Caution: For external use only. Keep away from children. Store in room temperature. Stop use if irritation occurs. Do not flush.

Why everteen Natural Intimate wipes?

everteen is a globally renowned feminine hygiene brand that offers India's largest range of quality sanitary essentials for women. India's first individually-wrapped feminine hygiene wipes. Each pack contains 15 individually-wrapped ultra-soft wipes for your convenience on-the-move. Made of 100% natural & biodegradable cloth, clinically and dermatologically tested.

Price: 149 INR for a pack of 15 wipes.

Available on everteen.co.in/ and all leading E commerce sites.

Is there any other essential that you always carry? Let me know! 

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  1. These are must have essentials every modern woman should carry in her purse. Everteen natural intimate wipes is definitely something that will go a long way in helping women.

  2. I think you almost covered every item that should be in our purse. Evergreen intimate wipes seems perfect for maintaining intimate hygiene. Thanks for recommendation.

  3. Super practical and must haves for sure. Some for men too btw and sp often we depend on the ladies for those wet wetwipes dont we haha

  4. These wipes have become my latest favourites too. Can't go out without them.

  5. I have not tried these wipes yet but will give it a try. Apart from all these things I carry a comb and kohl.

    - Ujjwal Mishra

  6. You have found an excellent essential for the bag! the hygiene wipes! It is so difficult to carry multiple items everyday as we use public toilets in the office so this is one very useful and essential add on to my daily bag!

  7. Loved this list of essentials all women should have while traveling. However, in my wife's case, she also carries medicines and brush for obvious reasons.

  8. Except for an umbrella, I keep all these in my bag. It is so important to have the toilet sanitizers esp during these times. Along with these I also have a Hand sanitizer and dry face tissues.

  9. Manisha - These are must haves in a women's handbag. I have used Everteen's intimate hygiene wash but not the wipes will check it out.

  10. Well I carry all of these n much more... I've kids u see.
    Yes these wipes are really needed for women when out and about.

  11. Oh this what's in my bag stuff will always be trending. Good to see your 5 essentials.

  12. That's a perfect list of items to a girls handbag. Motherhood has made diapers, baby food, juice, purees, extra dress and all into my bag but everteen intimate products are the best and all should take care of their intimate hygiene

  13. all these are must have kind of product for all women, great write up

  14. I am appreciative of this blog's ability to provide information on such an important subject. I discovered other segments here kids wholesale clothes, and I'm excited to put these new instructions to use.