When men share the load, the love for them multiplies

by - 6/17/2020

Earlier we used to associate few things with a particular gender. For example going to work, ploughing the fields, fixing electrical appliances used to be a man's job. Whereas cooking, cleaning, child rearing and laundry used to be in the woman's domain. Over the years, the scenario has changed drastically. Now women to go to work in offices and men do not plough (we have tractors to do that). Some women fix things in the house like a pro (electrical appliances and plumbing alike) while some men can be even better cooks than women! All the best chefs are men remember?  Jobs may have switched genders but one thing tends to remain exclusively a woman's job...i e laundry.
As a woman its very sad to see that we women can do everything. We wake up in the morning, cook for everyone, clean the house, wash the clothes, leave for office, come back in the evening from office and then cook, help the kids with their homework and then after arranging the entire house and preparing for the next day, we switch the lights off. If a woman can do everything, why can't our partners share the load a little? I am not asking for too much. Just washing the clothes or keeping things back at their places would suffice. I know it's the mindset and upbringing that deters the men in the house to move their bums from the couch after coming back from work. They say they are tired. But are not the women exhausted? They had a similar day in fact a tougher one. Actually they had never seen their dads do so; hence this generation begs to differ. But now since women fly spaceships too, laundry should not be a woman's job only.

For the last three months, there has been no househelp. Yes, this COVID situation/lockdown has turned our lives upside down. As if managing two kids+household+work was not enough. Scrubbing the utensils plus mopping the floors have been added to our list too. Initially I felt as if my entire world has come crashing down. After some time, I decided to split up few household chores with my husband as that seemed to be only way out.
My husband who has not even filled a glass of water in his entire life finally agreed to carry on this task. 
I was so overwhelmed with cooking and cleaning for a joint family (along with WFH and home schooling kids) that my husband surprised me with his cooperation.

Laundry: Washing clothes is probably the simplest chore. He decided to #ShareTheLoad. We are a family of six (including an infant and a toddler) so the pile of clothes is quite huge. I segregate the clothes into various piles that needs to be washed and my husband puts them in the machine. Ours is a fully automatic one so it's quite a breeze. He takes out the laundered clothes and dries them on the line. Also he brings back the dried ones inside. Folding them is my domain. He does a lot by #ShareTheLaundry

Getting grocery: In this lockdown situation, market place is the biggest risk. My husband has been doing this single handedly for the past three months. Everything from milk to vegetables to biscuits and pasta, he loads them in his car while coming back from the hospital. After coming home he disinfects everything and then goes for bath.

Handling couriers: Being a blogger as well as an online shopper, we get a lot of packages. I however haven't stepped out of home in the past three months and the delivery boy is supposed to drop the packages at the gate. My husband is in charge of picking them up and disinfecting them before handing them to me. It's been a great help.

While cleaning the home and cooking and kids have been my domain, I am grateful that my man has been trying to help me in whatever ways he can. Everytime he gets my favourite fruit from the market or brings up a package that I have been waiting for, my love for him multiplies. During this tough time, it's important to keep happiness and laughter intact in the family. #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

 'I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda'

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  1. I see it was different for you than usual ... We have in general no support in our household, we do it all by ourselves :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Although more men are sharing the load today than ever before. I am in love with this #sharetheload campaign by Ariel. We work we earn and we do the households together. Share The Load is a much needed social initiative that reveals the root of inequality in our country.

  3. That's a very cool campaign. I have fortunately had men, including my friends, in my life who always shared the load with the members of the house in everything. Even my dad has always equally participated in the household stuff with my mom. So have been blessed that way.

  4. Well said and how sharing the load works with the couple and many if ny married friends have had some great stories to tell..and some not so great haha