How to protect yourself from UTI

by - 1/09/2020

God has made women very strong. Else how would have the world perpetuated? From braving labour pains to bearing the never ending responsibilities of motherhood, from tolerating period pains every month to juggling home and work everyday, it's tough to be in a women's shoe. Sadly God has made females vulnerable to few things too, including UTIs or Urinary Tract infections.

God has given friendly bacteria in the genital region of females (read Lactobacillus) to fight infections. These microbes are present only during the reproductive period of a female. Therefore little girls and older women (post menopausal) are more prone to infections because of the absence of the protective barrier.

But still UTIs are prevalent because of faulty toilet practices and other lifestyle habits. So here I am summing up briefly how to keep such infections to the minimum.

1. Drink loads of water: We women tend to skip on the glasses of water especially when we have to stay out because of the urge to visit the loo. But that plays a havoc on our system. When we take lots of water, the toxins along with the infection causing bacteria are flushed out.

2. Use a clean toilet. I know it's easier said than done. Public toilets are unclean and sometimes we have to use them. Especially if we have increased our water intake. Therefore always clean the seat before using it.

3. Use a toilet sanitizer: Everteen Instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray is a boon for us women. It instantly cleans the toilet seat by killing all the germs present on it. Also it leaves a great smell which is a boon indeed.

Shake the spray can
Hold the can upright and spray on the area to be used from a distance of 10 inches.
Wait for 5 seconds.
The toilet seat is ready to use.

How does it work?
It kills the germs that cause UTIs and other infections.It deodorizes foul smell and is suitable for all skin types.

The Everteen Instant Toilet Sanitiser Spray is compact, lightweight and handy and fits easily in your purse. It can be used any public bathroom, toilet seat and cover, flush lever, faucets and doorknobs.

It's easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and all major e commerce sites.

Price: 185 INR for a 90ml Spray can. 

Now what are the symptoms of UTI?
UTI may start with burning during urination to pain in lower abdomen and increased frequency to high grade fever. You should never hesitate to consult your doctor for the same.

So girls drink lots of water and don't forget to carry Everteen toilet seat sanitiser in your purse!

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  1. Great post detail reviews Happy New Year

  2. Very useful information for personal hygiene, Mandira. Thanks for the informational post 😊

  3. that is an amazing product and very useful seems like a must have....hygiene in today's world is very much needed...i will surely recommend it to the near n dear ones....

  4. UTI is definitely something we are dreadful of. Specially during traveling it's my biggest worry. Thanks for sharing your review about the product, will try it.

  5. Carrying toilet sanitizer is a must, as one needs to attend nature call. This everteen product has solved the problem.

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