Jambiani Beach Or Paje?

by - 4/10/2024


I must have said 100 times by now how the island of Zanzibar is dotted with beaches on all its borders that have white sand and turquoise water. We stayed at 3 such beaches during our week long stay. Our first stop was Jambiani Beach. It's situated on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, and it's ideal for swimming as during high tide, the water level gets really high!

During low tide, you can walk on the sea bed for upto 2 kms while having glimpses of the underwater life which have been left out in the sun: sea urchins, sea cucumbers, brittle stars, squids and tonnes of other unrecognisable creatures. There are pockets of sea water where you can find them. Usually this is the time for paragliding too. The blue sky gets adorned with colourful kites. 

Our resort was right on the beach so we watched the sunrise from there easily. There are a number of resorts on either side of Dhow resort and if you you go further on the left, then you reach a more famous beach Paje. There are a number of surfing clubs too, which have pretty interesting beach decor.

Jambiani itself is a sleepy fisherman village. If you want to have any meal, you have to eat at the resort restaurant. On the other hand Paje has a big marketplace.
The colony of sea urchins with squid ink and brittle stars..

I always prefer sleepy villages for their natural beauty and local charm. What about you?

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  1. Walking on beach is so amazing. I also love it and like to meet my friends in cool breeze. I like to meet some small animals on the beach. They always looking so cute.
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