Chwaka bay: where Moses crossed the sea

by - 4/03/2024

 Why would anyone like to visit a sleepy fishing village? There are several reasons. Such beach towns are way less crowded. You get way better accommodation at lower prices. And the excitement of exploring the unknown is unmatched. And when all these reasons come together with an attractive resort, then you think no more and book 2 nights there. You take the big risk because that is what a true traveller does: take chances. Because some people really believe in exploring the unknown and follow the lesser known trail.

After reaching Chwaka bay, we realised it has some highly intriguing mythology attached to it... supposedly Moses walked across the bay to reach the mainland. The bay is so shallow that you can't even swim during high tide, something that Zanzibar is famous for. The periods of low tide and high tide are extremely dramatic and offer 180 degrees different experiences. During low tide, you need to walk for a couple of kilometres on the sea bed before you can touch the sea waves. During this time, all the aquatic flora and fauna lie exposed in the sun. These include the prickly sea urchins too. We saw lots of brittle stars and squid ink which was a first for us. While walking, you have to mind those innumerable prickly colonies.

In Chwaka bay however, there are a lot of crabs on the beach. By lot, I mean millions of them. Some tiny, some relatively bigger. Also, the water level doesn't get higher than knee level even during high tide. These conditions make the bay impossible for swimming.

However the landscape is truly mesmerising (where in Zanzibar is it not) and we truly cherished this off beat seaside experience on the African island.

Have you been to a beach which could not be accessed?

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