Lan Ha Bay cruise....Is it better than Ha Long Bay?

by - 4/12/2024


I have written in my post earlier how we were in a dilemma whether to go for the much touristy and under limelight Ha Long Bay or the the quieter yet more picturesque counterpart Lan Ha Bay. After much deliberation, we went with our gut and hence crafted the entire itinerary for Lan Ha Bay (which involved staying at Cat Ba island)..So how was the experience? Sail on with me!
Firstly you need to be at Cat Ba island, unlike Ha Long Bay where you can squeeze in a day trip from Hanoi itself. The bus comes early in the morning to pick you up from the hotel. Then you are transported to the ferry terminal for the cruise. Since our cruise ship was big ( we took the Serenity Cruises) , we got in a boat to go to the ship. And then it was 7 hours of pure bliss.

You are welcomed with a drink while they brief you on the entire trip. And then you can go to the deck and spend the entire day for views.

The limestone kursts (for which we go on this very cruise) start almost immediately. In fact they were even visible from our hotel room in Cat Ba island.

These limestone deposits are believed to have formed some 250 million years ago, by the sedimentation of Calcium carbonate from shells and skeletons of sea creatures. There are almost 2000 of them, 1969 to be precise. Most of these islets are even named by the locals and that shows how close the people are with nature.

The ship sails along these natural wonders. Sometimes you feel that was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen while the very next moment you find the scenery even more mesmerizing. So basically, both the bays are equally beautiful; you just have to decide whether you want to opt for the crowded one or the less touristy one.

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