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by - 4/08/2024

 It's never easy sight seeing with the entire family. Especially when abroad, when you haven't eaten Ghar ka khana for long, battling jet lag and of course exhausted from all the travelling. And when the clan includes elderly parents and a 3 and 8 year old, it's kind of daunting for the planners (us, the OG explorers). 

Our Vietnam trip was of 9 days, which included some exhaustive travelling. After our Cat Ba island chapter, we came back to Hanoi and it was time to explore the cultural capital. We had taken accommodation in the heart of the city ie Old Quarters and we could find all the culture right outside our doorstep. That was the point basically.

Hanoi has a lot of things to offer but we decided to do a only a few major spots (because our clan was not fit enough). We started walking from our hotel to our first and only destination that day, The Temple of Literature.

When we entered, we didn't know that the entire campus would be so vast and we would spend 3 hours just walking and exploring it.

The entire campus is spread over 54,000 square metres and if you are keen into history, you will spend hours reading the scriptures. Luckily it was some festival time so the entry was free. That was a big gain because a team of 6 is a big save!

I have heard about Confucius since I was very young (my mom used to quote him) . Then when I grew up, I started learning more about him. Basically this is the Temple of Confucius. Built in 1070, the first University of Vietnam was established inside the campus in 1076. It was to educate Vietnam's bureaucrats, scholars, nobles and royalty. It had suffered damages during the wars and have been restored multiple times .

The campus has multiple courtyards and a lake too. This temple to basically dedicated to Confucius, sages and scholars. It has architectural to Marvel at every point and is brimming with history. Definitely a must visit even if you are not into heritage exploration.

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