Dolphin watching in the Indian Ocean

by - 4/04/2024

Dolphins are adorable aquatic mammals who come out on the surface to breathe. They can be seen in various places around the world, including our very own Goa and Bay of Bengal. However swimming with them can be done in specific sites only because they need the supervision of experts; unless you excel in diving yourself. The pod of dolphins are an absolute delight to watch and should be done at least once a lifetime.

The Indian Ocean in the African continent is endowed with fauna. There are various excursions that allow tourists to soak in the marine wildlife. However if you are going on such excursion, here are some precautions that might be handy.

1. The water of the Indian Ocean where they take us to dolphin watch are really choppy. If you are prone to sea sickness, it's not for you. The swaying of the boat is beyond imagination. And if you are not prone, then it's better to eat very light in the morning, so that the stuff doesn't come out.

2. Don't forget to wear a swimsuit beneath your outfit. You can start the excursion in swimwear only, although I don't suggest that. But don't forget to wear them beneath.

Before you put on your life jacket, take out your outfit and don your life jacket over your swimsuit. That way you are ready to jump whenever the guide says so.

3. Slather on sunscreen. The sun is very harsh.

4. Take a very good quality waterproof pouch for your mobile phone for underwater photography. You don't want to miss out capturing the pod of dolphins chilling on the bed of the Indian Ocean.

5. It's better to take an all inclusive package: guide and snorkel items, water and snacks, unless you are an expert yourself.

Having said all this, it's definitely a once in a lifetime experience! The images of those cute creatures are still fresh on my mind!

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