Antonio Resort: The hidden gem in Zanzibar

by - 4/01/2024


The entire island of Zanzibar is the most underrated one in the Indian Ocean. Not my words, but of a leading travel magazine's. And after having spent a week exploring it extensively, I can vouch for this fact. The other sister islands of the Indian Ocean, whether be it of the African subcontinent or Asia's (I am talking about Mauritius, Reunion, Secheylles, Maldives et al) are so much more in the limelight. I would not be saying that Zanzibar is not touristy, it definitely is, but it is not projected as a must visit like its counterparts (at least here in India). When we landed there, we realised that tourists from all over the world were visiting, except for Indians.

Anyways, when it comes choosing a resort in Unguja (the main island of Zanzibar), people tend to choose Nungwi (with pristine white beaches) ie the Northern part or the Southern parts. We divided our stay in three parts; the first two parts in the most touristy places and the end in a lavish property at a not so interesting village of Chwaka.

Now there are always two aspects of real estate. Location and the property itself and the price is directly proportional to both these factors. Since Chwaka is not a very popular place for tourists, the resort is magnificent at quite a reasonable price and that's the reason we booked it.

Chwaka bay is on the East coast and kind of backwaters. So there isn't any sand under the water but mud. Also the water is really shallow. It is said that Moses walked over the water across the Chwaka Bay. So it isn't much ideal for swimming. The tourists who book here are for the R and R. 

The resort is spread over a huge area with two categories of accomodation. One on the hill that looked all the way to the ocean and other small villas that had sea facing balconies. We chose the latter.

We were floored by the luxury: chocolates every night as bedtime surprises and all. However the last 14 hours in the resort was rather tragic for us. My husband had kept his phone on the lounger when we were swimming. We had left the pool area only for taking post swim shower and by the time we got back, it could not be found.

Millions of evil thoughts ran across our mind. All the passwords were saved in it. What if we were trapped because of some confidential information? This event happened at 6 30 in the evening and we had our flight in the morning the next day. We could not sleep that night. My husband kept on doing whatsapp calls from my phone continuously, in the hope of locating it. No staff could help.

In morning just before checkout, the pool boy signed in and when asked about the last evening's incident, he took the phone out of the lost locker. I mean anyone from the staff could have retrieved it. What a freaking waste of time and energy. Anyways, we could depart the island on a calmer note and hence were immensely grateful for that.

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  1. I had not heard of Zanzibar - but of course had heard of the other islands. A new travel destination to obsess over :D :D

  2. Wow. Zanzibar. I was a baby when my dad was posted there, it was desolate and had scarce utilities, sadly had to comeback due to lack of any healthcare there. Great to see it has developed so much so that people are staying at resorts there! Great pictures~

  3. Those pictures and your experience has made me enticed. Brb, adding Zanzibar to my travel bucket list