Why should you make travelling a priority?

by - 4/28/2024

 A person who has not travelled, has only read the cover of the book: Father Augustine. Travelling is as essential as food and water. It may not feed us directly, but it definitely helps in the absorption of nutrients! (metaphorically). Now you must think, travelling is for jobless people. But the truth is, we all need it, irrespective of how busy we are in our lives.

Travelling is not just for the rich. It's not about the destination, but about the journey and company.

One should travel not to escape life, but so that life shouldn't escape us. Travel is therapeutic and it has been clinically proven to reduce stress. And travel could be anything from a night away from the city to a fortnight in a country across the world. Again, it's not the destination, it's the journey.

So what's the first obstacle that comes while planning travel? It's mindset. Many people just don't have that ability to think that they can travel. Again, it can be a short bus ride just outside the town you are staying, just to freshen up your mind and soul. You have to include the desire to explore in your regular planning.

The second hurdle that comes is the budget of course. Usually people think that travelling is expensive. No wonder it is, but if you are truly passionate, it can be squeezed in your normal budget. Firstly, you neither need to travel in first class nor stay in luxurious hotels.

Then it's all about priority. If you are really passionate on doing a bucket list trip, ditch eyeing that iphone. Stop eating out and other unnecessary necessities. All those expenses would add up in making your dream trip a reality. Invest in SIPs. Open a recurring account. Start a Fixed deposit. If there's a will, there's a way!

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The third hurdle is the lack of leaves. Aim for weekends first. Then look around for long weekends. Add leaves to your long weekends to make them longer. Take work from home option, if your workplace permits that. Basically if you are really willing to go explore the world, nothing can stop you!

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