Vrikshasana: Benefits and challenges

by - 4/28/2024

 Balancing asanas have an immensely positive role on our brain functioning. It's believed that these kind of practices helps establishing the equilibrium between the right and left hemispheres more efficiently. Our mind becomes calmer and more efficient. Because of their calming effect, practice of these asanas pacifies our anger and we become more balanced in our conduct.

However balancing asanas are difficult. Some of these can never be learnt in later stage, especially in females (say post 20) unless you are very fit. Examples are Bakasana and some like Mayurasana should not be attempted by females. Asanas like Natarajasana and Garudasana can be done  on regular practice. The simplest balancing asana is the Vrikshasana or the tree pose. It involves standing on one and folding hands in prayer pose on top of the head. This Asana has all the benefits of the balancing ones yet it's so simple to perform.

Like every other balancing asana, Vrikshasana helps in increasing concentration. This is because it helps to focus.Hence should be practiced by the students from an early stage. It's highly beneficial in ADHD patients.

Since it calms down the Nervous system, it helps to treat depression and anxiety. As a result, it also keeps blood pressure under control. 

It strengthens the legs and hips and also increases neuromuscular coordination.

It increases stamina by testing our endurance and patience.


This is not for people with instability issues. Always consult your physician before starting any new physical activity. 

Elderly people should proceed with caution while attempting this Asana.

If you suffer from vertigo or giddiness, its best not to practice this, or should be done only under expert supervision.

Enthusiastic practitoner with instability issues may take the support of a wall or door .

In short, one should proceed with caution if there are any bodily issues or old age. Otherwise, this is an easy asana with excellent benefits. Let's reap its advantages by practicing it everyday! 30 seconds, 10 times if possible.

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