Pinkle Coffee: The cutest coffee spot in Hanoi, Vietnam

by - 4/16/2024

Coffee is an emotion . If you are a coffee lover, then you will totally get me! 

Vietnam is a paradise for coffee lovers. This Oriental country is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, which is surprising because no one really talks about it, unless you research. We think of Brazil, Ethiopia and countries of Southern America for producing the maximum amount. Vietnamese people love their coffee, and so do the visitors. As a result, they have a huge number of cafes and coffee shops strewn all over the country, serving one of your best coffee experiences.

Vietnam produces Robusta coffee, which is more bitter and stronger than Arabica coffee, which we usually drink. The usual Vietnamese coffee has more caffeine and it's brewed slowly for a very long time resulting in something that tastes stronger than espresso.
Vietnamese coffee is usually prepared with sweetened condensed milk, and that makes it a heavenly drink. There is a wide variety of coffee available in this country: you think of a fruit/food item, and there's a coffee with it! eg egg coffee, orange coffee , yoghurt coffee, coconut coffee etc etc. 

The original coffee is the strong drip coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk. This practice arose because the French could not find fresh milk. This became a tradition and till date, you won't find fresh milk in Vietnamese coffee!

Among the variants to try must are the coconut coffee and egg coffee. This cute little purple cafe was on my radar right when I was checking in my hotel. It's situated in the heart of Hanoi and a two minute walk from our hotel. I had the coconut coffee there and it was definitely the best of my life! 
Ca phe cot dua is black coffee mixed with condensed milk and coconut milk and blended with ice. If you love iced coffee, then be ready to be mesmerised!

The egg coffee is again one unique variant. Ca phe trung can be thought as a Vietnamese tiramisu or to me it was more like a pudding. Egg yolk is blended with black coffee and sweetened condensed milk is added. It is served over hot water in a plate. I was skeptical initially, but it was fantastic!

You can try all other variants like the coffee smoothie or the others that I mentioned before. It all depends how much you have time and money to spend in cafes. Hanoi is the cafe culture capital of Vietnam and I promise it won't disappoint even the snobbiest of coffee snob!

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