How to choose the right vaccine for your baby?

by - 1/27/2020

Motherhood is a joyous experience yet very stressful at times especially when it comes to the well being of our munchkins. We hate seeing them fall sick yet we are always petrified of visiting the paeditrician, whether it's for immunity shots or for medicines. However prevention IS better than cure and vaccination is a NECESSITY. With elaborate immunisation schedules being handed over after the birth of the baby and new vaccines coming up, parents get quite confused as to which ones to go for.

Being a general physician as well as a mom of two ( a toddler and an infant), my patients come to me for immunisation advice for their children. After consulting with my paeditrician colleagues as well as my research for my little one, I have summed up a few indispensable points which should always be considered before going for a vaccine. Here I would particularly like to stress about painless DTP (Hexaxim) vaccine as a lot of questions have been coming up regarding the same.

So what are the points that we should check before choosing a vaccine for our little one?

1. WHO Prequalification:

The WHO prequalification of vaccines is a comprehensive assessment whether the product meets the requirements for safety and  efficacy in immunization programmes.

The process involves:

Review of the production process and quality control. 
Laboratory testing
Audit of manufacturing facilities by WHO. 

In short WHO prequalified vaccines are tried and tested and therefore absolutely safe.

2. Single or combination vaccine? 

A combination vaccine protects the little one from multiple infections. Also it means lesser skin pricks and fewer visits to the pediatrician.

Hexaxim provides effective seroprotection from the 6 deadly childhood diseases, mainly : Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poliomyelitis, Hepatitis B and Haemophilus  influenzae Type B virus. It offers the convenience and efficacy of a fully liquid ready to use vaccine. One shot, multiple protection.

So which one would you prefer?

3. What about the side effects of vaccines? Painful or painless?
We mommies can hardly bear to see our babies cry... That too from pain. But vaccination is a necessity. Therefore we should always opt for the one with lesser side effects.
Thankfully this new, less painful combination vaccine is here for my little one. Post vaccination pain is almost negligible with Hexaxim.

4. What about preservatives
Preservatives are avoidable. We should always prefer products that are preservative free including vaccines. Thankfully, Hexaxim is preservative free.

5.Global usage: We should always go for a vaccine that is well accepted all over the world. The first world countries have strict rules and regulations regarding the products used in healthcare. Hexaxim is the most used vaccine globally and hence safe and effective for our babies.

6. Fewer chances of human errors: Since Hexaxim is a ready to use vaccine, there are very less chances of human errors in its preparation and administration. That's a big bonus!

 So mommies are you looking forward to a less stressful visit to the pediatrician?
Which vaccine are you going for your little one?

Issued in public interest by Sanofi Pasteur

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  1. Most my baby vaccination are combination and painful vaccination as doctor suggest that is better than painless one.
    Yes,even i cant seeing my baby crying ,so it's my hubby duty for baby vaccination shot.

  2. I have ways gone for all the vaccinations for my babies and always selected the original ones. They are painful but will surely do the trick of keeping them from getting the illness! Keeping our fingers crossed.

  3. This is a wonderful review for me. I am always worried and confused about vaccination and it's acceptability around the world. Now a days there are various vaccination available and a pre discussion and consultation with doctor helps a lot to understand why , what, how

  4. This post is an ultimate guide to choose the right vaccine for baby .. I loved this informative post :)

  5. I didn't know we can choose vaccinations... This is interesting... Forwarding this to my sister in laws!

  6. I have always gone for painful vaccination as advised by his doctor.

  7. Thanks for the detailed post ,I always do my research before his vaccination and chosse the best

  8. This is so very informative and helpful. I have 2 nieces and a nephew, all under 4, this post might just turn out to be of great help to us. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I totally swear by combination vaccines. Less pain more gain. Hexasim for me.