5 Easy ways to flatten your tummy (No, not exercise!)

by - 10/23/2020

 Have a big day ahead and tired of your bulging stomach? We all have been there. Especially when you are mom, you learn to live with the bulging tummy but whenever there is a celebration or fitting of your favourite outfit, you just cannot seem to hide that bulge and start cursing yourself for not paying enough attention. Well being a mom of two myself, I am far from happy with my body but I have learnt a few tricks that help me look presentable in pictures. So here I am sharing with you.

1. Cut off salt from diet. Whenever you come to know that there is a big day ahead, cut off salt from your diet immediately. Salt causes water retention and this would help shed the water weight. This includes table salt as well as salted foods like namkeen, chips, pickles etc. I swear it would be worth it!

2. Quit carbs at night. I am not asking for a drastic diet shift; just no carbohydrates after 6 PM till the big day. You can load yourself with greens and other veggies to remain full. You would notice a drastic difference in a few days.

3. Switch to liquids at night. If you are ready to take up more pain, quit having solid food after 6 PM. I am not asking you to starve, just don't eat solids. You can have skimmed milk and a protein smoothie/shake or whatever you like. But remember, don't put anything in your mouth after 8 PM.

4. Choose dark colours for your tummy area. Light colours will amplify the bulge more. Black, brown, navy blue, etc will help conceal it. I abused this trick to hide my baby bump.

5. Invest in waist trainers. After trying all the diet and workout tricks, the easiest way to get a flat tummy is through waist trainers. They flatten out any bulge very smoothly and the outfit looks absolutely perfect! Summing up a couple of my favourite trainers:

  1.  Waist and thigh trainer plus size: Don't worry if you are plus size 

as this will take care of all your needs!

* Benefits and Features:

> Spots on waist thigh and butt training

> Reduces the appearance of cellulite

> Trims appearance of thighs

> Helps shed excess water weight

> Great for working out

> Tone your waist & thighs while losing inches

> Lifts Butt

> Three fasten Velcro straps and a long torso waist trainer with 2 belts

> Adjust straps for a snug fit

> Very comfortable for bedtime or just lounging around the house


b. Waist trainer for women: This one is for normal size females.

The NeoSweat™ Workout Camouflage Waist Trainer increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process to shape & reduce the waist and abdomen.

> Seven steel bones support the waist and abdomen

> Double belted design provides easy adjustment and super control of the abdomen and waist.

> Excellent fit for short torso and normal torso body types

> Zipper front closure plus adjustable waistband with Velcro closure

> High Compression, reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly!

> Boosts thermal activity and gently lifts under-bust

> Targets the Tummy, Love Handles, & Back

> Great for Losing Post Pregnancy Weight

> Increases Perspiration & Creates an Intensive Workout

> Reduces & Shapes Your Waist

> Helps Defines Curves

Note:  Choose a size up.

How to clean these trainers?

> Using a wet cloth and soap, wipe down the inner lining several times. Rinse off soap using lukewarm water and dry.

> DO NOT wash this fitness kit in your washing machine as it may stretch or damage the fabric.

> DO NOT machine dry or iron Thigh Trimmers, as it may melt the fabric and weaken the neoprene.

Now time for a great news! Shapellex is having a special sales on their site! The Black Friday waist trainer sales 2020 is live and make sure you take the perfect advantage! 

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Are you ready to get rid of your bulge?

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  1. These are some easiest way to flatten tummy. Quitting carbs at night really helps me alot. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips

  2. These are brilliant tips and such a great set of information on many levels with habits and trainers. Shared sp well thanks

  3. These r great tips that you have shared. Yes salt leads to a lot of water retention in body and not eating solids after 6pm really helps.

  4. These are some great, easy and doable steps to follow. Having liquids at night is the best thing it seems.

  5. Now these are some amazing tips to flatten the tummy. I shall definitely remember them and follow it after my delivery.

  6. Very useful post. Loved the NeoSweat Workout Camouflage Waist Trainer. Didn't know that it stimulates sweating, thereby accelerating the belly fat burning process. Will definitely recommend this to friends to shape and size the waist and abdomen.

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