Review: Poison 2 on ZEE5; Does Revenge really end?

by - 10/21/2020


Name of the show: Poison 2


Director: Vishal Pandya

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery

Number of episodes: 11

Second season of the much applauded Poison Web Series on ZEE5.

As the name suggests (POISON), this latest web series Poison 2 on ZEE5 is a mind boggling thriller about betrayal and revenge. " Revenge is a sweet, pure satisfaction and there is only one way to fulfil it: Poison"

Aftab Shivdasani debuts in the world of OTT entertainment wiyh this dark web series and everyone has done a fantastic job.

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Can relationships be actually trusted? Whether be it husband/wife, brother/sister, employer/ long term employee? Lines of faith and loyalty fade in this crime drama. One never really knows who's enemy of whom and what's the motive behind such shocking actions. Because as Aftab (Aditya Rathod) says at one point: At one point  "Badla jitna purana ho jata hai, utna hi zahreela ho jata hai"  You think you know what's happening while a second later, your mind gets confused as to who is the mastermind. I am literally hungry for more such thrill and mystery.

Five years before, a father and son duo plot a mamoth diamond robbery. They get caught finally but the car in which they were being taken, explodes. Neither the diamonds are found nor the father son duo.

Pilot Episode
The first episode is 'Dark Horse'. The unbeatable winning record of Josh team at the Horse Racing Competition is shockingly demolished by Aditya Rathod (played by Aftab) to everyone's dismay and bewilderment. Sara never saw it coming and her ultimate dream is to win the bid at the Race course auction.

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Sara Oberoi (Raai Laxmi) is a cutthroat ambitious girl and the owner of Josh group, a prominent group in Goa. She is married to Harsh, who is less ambitious than her but supportive of his wife nonetheless. Josh had been facing financial struggles and their defeat in the Horse race makes their situation all the more pathetic. Ehen they try to find out the source behind their draining funds, all the evidence point towards Oscar, her very own brother. After firing him out from the entire Josh empire, Sara is desperate to rise like a phoenix. However she is still not convinced that Oscar could have done this to her and Josh.

Image Source: ZEE5
At this juncture Sara and Harsh receive a luscious offer from Aditya which promises to solve all the financial woes of JOSH. The only mission of Sara's life is to own the Racecourse; even it is at the cost of her relationships. She strikes a deal with Aditya's company without even her husband. There is jealousy brewing between the two men (her husband Harsh and their enemy Aditya) but Sara is too ambitious to pay heed to emotions as the Race course is the only thing on her mind. 

Oscar, after being humiliated and expelled from Josh, tries to get to the bottom this mystery. All his findings point towards Aditya and definitely accountant Anirudh must also be involved in this. While Oscar tries to find out how and where, an unfathomable occurs. Oscar finds evidences of plotting against his sister and JOSH group in Aditya's home. On the other hand, Aniruddh is murdered coldly by Aditya. Does #RevengeNeverEnds hold true for everything?

Who is this Aditya Rathod and what is the motive behind his hatred and revenge from Sara and Harsh? Drumroll please. Aditya is Jaiveer and he's back!

#Poison2 is a tale of betrayal, hatred, revenge, crime and thrill. Definitely a must watch. Subscribe to ZEE5 Premium if you are hungry for wholesome entertainment.

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  1. I have never been a huge fan of Aftab but I might still see this one after your recommendation. The latest web series 'Poison 2' on ZEE5 seems like a riveting thriller about betrayal and revenge.

  2. Oh wow I was looking for some good thriller web series. I will try To binge watch Poison 1 and 2 over the weekend if possible. It does seem like an interesting watch.

  3. Poison 2 seems to be an amazing thriller. Zee5 has again come up with a great content based series. Will definitely going to watch this.