The Best Travel Tips

by - 10/14/2020

Traveling can be an amazing experience, but there’s a lot to learn if you’re new to globe-trotting. As you learn, you’ll work out how to save money, have more adventures, stay safe, and have incredible experiences around the world. Try some of these travel tips for the ultimate vacation. 


  1. Pack some essentials in your carry-on bag. Luggage going astray is unfortunately not all that rare. Just in case your bag goes missing, pack some essentials in your carry-on bag. A change of underwear, your swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, travel documents, and a change of clothes can be useful to have. 

  2. Patience is important. Try not to worry about the things that you can’t control while you’re away. Life is too short (and so are vacations) for you to feel annoyed or stressed. Missed a bus? Never mind, there’ll be another. Take a deep breath and remember you’re there to have fun. Relax and enjoy yourself. 

  3. Wake up early to avoid the crowds. Head out early to have busy tourist attractions to yourself and to avoid the large crowds. You can also get fantastic photos, without the crowds, and in the beautiful diffused light of the early morning. 

  4. Observe daily life. If you want to get a real feel for a place, a great tip is to spend a few hours sitting outside a cafe on a busy street and watching the world go by. Pay attention to the sounds, sights, and scents of the place you’re staying and really soak it in. 

  5. Laugh at yourself. You will look silly sometimes when you travel. You will make mistakes, so you don’t be afraid of screwing up. If you do mess up, learn to laugh at yourself instead of feeling embarrassed about it. 

  6. Slow down. Don’t try to cram too much into too short a space of time. You’ll have a much better time if you slow down a little and take the time to explore. You’ll find things to do that aren’t in the guidebook and meet interesting people. None of the best travel experiences happen when you first arrive, so stay in each place for long enough to enjoy yourself. 

  7. Take lots of pictures. You might only see these places and people once in your lifetime. Help you to remember these amazing experiences forever by taking lots of pictures. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist taking pictures of everything. Great photos make great souvenirs. Photos don’t cost anything, don’t take up space in your luggage, and are easy to share. Take pictures with you in too, not just postcard shots. If you’re taking pictures of locals, remember to ask permission first. They’re people, not scenery. 

  8. Get out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. If you get used to doing this, you’ll feel less anxiety about doing new things. Go on hikes. Talk to strangers. Eat local cuisine, even if it seems strange to you.

  9. Keep an open mind. While traveling, it’s important to never judge the lifestyles or customs of other people. Don’t be arrogant enough to assume that your way is the only right way. Practice empathy, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Embrace different cultures, customs, religions, and interests. Take it as an opportunity to learn about something new, instead of worrying about whether you think something is strange. 

  10. Be flexible. Try not to over-plan every moment of your trip. If you really love somewhere, you might want to spend longer there, or maybe you’ll find somewhere you thought you’d spend a week in doesn’t have enough to entertain you for that long. Pick a start and endpoint, and leave room for your plans in the middle to change. 

  11. Learn some foreign phrases. There’s no need to try to become fluent in the local language before you travel, but learning a few phrases in local language can improve your experience. Learn how to say hello, goodbye, please, thank you, nice to meet you, excuse me, sorry, and can I take your picture. If you can’t communicate while you travel, it can get frustrating, so a few phrases can go a long way to smooth things over. 

  12. Take an extra bank and credit card. Having your cards stolen is horrible, but it doesn’t have to bring your trip to a halt. If your card is frozen, stolen, or eaten by the ATM machine, it’s annoying, but not a trip-ender if you have a spare with you. Pack a second card somewhere separate from your main wallet. This way, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you’ll still have access to money. 

  13. Write down the address of your hotel. If you’re using your phone a lot, your battery can die at the worst times. If you didn’t write down the address of your hotel anywhere other than in your phone, you can’t ask for directions or give the address to a taxi driver. Write down the address and phone number somewhere on a piece of paper, just in case. 

  14. Pack earplugs and an eye mask. You can drown out crying babies, loud tourists, traffic, and anything else making noise either on your flight or in your hotel when you’re trying to sleep. An eye mask is also useful if you struggle to sleep on the plane when the lights are still on. 

  15. Take a scarf or a sarong to keep in your handbag. You can use either of these for all kinds of things, from sun protection, a makeshift towel, an eye mask, to cover up in conservative areas or to visit religious sites, or to wrap up if the plane is cold. 

  16. Pack a lock. A small combination local is very handy if you’re staying in a hostel with lockers, or need to secure your bag at any point. You can also use it if you do things like rent bikes while you’re away. Don’t buy one with keys. If you lose the keys, it could be a disaster. 

  17. Pack good travel shoes. Most people walk a lot while they travel, especially if you’re on a budget. Invest in a good pair of shoes, that are lightweight and comfortable to walk in for a long time. Sneakers, walking sandals, or hiking boots could be smart, depending on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.  

  18. Use packing cubes. These zippered bags make packing much easier. Keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones. Keep your underwear easy to find. Packing cubes take up a small amount of room but make packing a breeze. Compression bags, which push all the air out can help to give you more room too. 

  19. Go on free walking tours. If you’re on a tight budget, a free walking tour is a wonderful way to see the place you’re staying. They can help you to orient yourself somewhere new, note places you’d like to visit again later on your own time, learn about the city, and maybe even meet some interesting people. These tours are free, but remember that your guide will expect a tip at the end. 

  20. Eat local food. Try a little of everything you come across, especially if you aren’t sure what it is. As locals for suggestions on what to try. Buy food from street food vendors that have the biggest lines. Street food is a great way to experience local cuisine without having to spend a fortune. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional cheap trip to a McDonald’s, but why travel if you only eat what you do at home. 

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  1. All these tips, I believe are equally important. And I actually follow them out. Because missing out of any one of them will be a big no from me..

  2. Really good tips. I struggle with the slow travels and I am always on the move. But I am trying to change that as I have realised how important it is. And yes one thing I learned over the years is packing something in my carry on as well.

  3. Well written post! I totally agree that while on a holiday one should forget all worries and make the most of the place and cherish the happy time.

  4. I always look up to your travel tips. After all you travel so much 😁

  5. These are some useful travel tips one must keep in mind before planning a vacation. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us

  6. These are some great tips for travelling.. I also carry a scarf and a lock almost always in my carry on bag.