The best way to preserve your memories

by - 11/16/2019

Travel is an amazing escape from the usual monotony of life. It rejuvenates your soul, freshens your mind, and makes you a better person. Different people have different reasons to travel. For some, it’s much-needed time-off with their families, for some it is about exploring a new place, and for some, it’s a way to discover their own self. Whatever may be the reason, one thing we all can agree on that traveling gives you countless memories to look back to. 

That feeling of joy and rush of excitement when you completely let go of all your worries from your daily routine and let the present sink in- one moment at a time. Such is the beauty of traveling, an inexplicable feeling!
However, with great memories, comes a great responsibility to preserve them. You can choose to preserve them the old way – in pictures, or in a unique and special way - A handmade art-piece!
A good piece of art has this ability to personify whatever it intends to express and hence, it’s the perfect choice to express emotions. A stunning handmade portrait made from your travel pictures will be a good memoir and also have your personal touch. It will always make you relive those fun-filled moments and take you back to your travel days.

Decided on getting yourself a handmade portrait to preserve your travel memories? BookMyPainting is one such platform that has got you all covered. It’s a platform of dedicated artists sworn to bring your memories on the canvas in the most beautiful and simple way possible. You just need to upload a picture from the day and your part is done! Choose from a wide range of mediums for your portraits and customize it in a way you want – all of that at the most reasonable prices! Their 100% handmade portraits are sure to leave you in awe.
Cannot decide on the medium? Their experts are there to help you out.
You can choose a charcoal medium if classic black and white is your thing and you prefer a hint of boldness in your portraits. Charcoal is used much the same way as a pencil. It’s a tool for drawing, shading, and blending, but there is something psychologically different about using charcoal. It lets you get more expressive and vivid with the emotions you want to display.

You can go for oil paintings if you have a taste of realism and vivid colors. Oil paintings are lustrous and captivating and takes a lot of time to be made. However, if done properly, it never fails to grab eyeballs. 
Watercolors should be your choice if you have a medium budget but have a taste for colorful surprises and old-school art techniques. Such paintings can last for decades if kept properly. 
Another popular medium is color  pencil. The portrait is created using old school pencil colors and can be a good choice at a low cost but high value. Skilled artists at BookMyPainting can bring anything to life!
So, what are you waiting for? Preserve your travel memories in the most special way possible. Get yourself a stunning handmade portrait and relive the memories once again!

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  2. We Live in a digital age where we have lots of photographs but there is a special touch in those portraits. I think I too would love to convert some really special photographes into portraits.

  3. These painting looks so beautiful. I would love to go with the first one really soon. I am planning a wall full of paintings and this blog will be very helpful in choosing the right ones.

  4. I have a few pics of which I can think of getting sketched...these pieces of art are definitely worth going for...

  5. These paintings are really beautiful and i love painting. would love to make it for some my memories

  6. You have shared some great ideas . Thanks for sharing this one.

  7. Wonderful ways to preserve cherished memories forever
    ... Thanks for this beautiful post, Mandira.