How to lose weight easily and safely?

by - 7/08/2019

What is obesity?
  For most of you,  it may be just being overweight.  But the definition of obesity is not as simple as that. When BMI or Body Mass Index is more than 23.5, it is termed as obesity.  Or accumulation of excess fat over 30% in females and over 25% in males is termed obesity.  
Obese or not,  weight is major problem.  If you are thinking in terms of physical appearance,  then you are wrong.  No doubt weight plays a big role in our confidence but  it's much beyond than looks. Obesity makes you prone for an end number of diseases. 

So what all can be caused due to obesity? 
70% of cardiac deaths are caused due to obesity. 
Diabetes,  hypertension (high blood pressure),  kidney and gall bladder problems. 
Joint pains and arthritis (mainly osteoarthritis) 
Menstrual irregularities (eg PCOS)  in women
Susceptibility to certain cancers. 
And of course the mental trauma. 

So how to treat obesity?
Apart from exercise and healthy diet,  one needs to take medicine too to speed up this journey.  However,  one should not fall prey to any random drug which promises weight loss.

Since giving birth to my second baby,  I have been struggling with my weight. I hardly get any time to work out and am forever hungry.  So I started researching on safe weight loss drugs and came across Nature Sure Agnimantha weight loss. What assured me the most was that the ingredients are totally natural.
Ayurveda stands on the principle of vata, pitta and kapha. An imbalance in any of these 'doshas' leads to disease. According to Ayurveda,  one gets overweight because of the abnormal accumulation of kapha,  which hampers fat metabolism. Such kaphaj constituitions tend to gain weight easily and is tough to lose fat. 
Nature Sure Agnimantha is a proven Ayurvedic therapy that helps in weight loss by balancing the three doshas. It improves body metabolism and helps to flush out excess fat through urination. 
What is Agnimantha weight loss formula made of? 
This pill is made with 100% pure, top grade natural ingredients. This ancient formula is being used for hundreds of years to treat obesity and lose weight naturally. 
It contains Agnimantha (Clerodendrum phlomidis)  and Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabianum). These are age old Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss. 

How does this work? 
This drug regulates metabolism to prevent excess calories from getting converted into storage fat.  It has a diuretic effect ie it flushes out toxins through urination.  It also increases the bio availability of nutrients in the body.  Hence it improves chronic fatigue.   It also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides ans prevents disorders like insulin resistance,  hypertension,  blocked arteries,  etc etc. 

Two capsules each with lukewarm water before meals in morning and evening. 

Not to be taken during pregnancy and lactation. 

Always consult your physician before use. 

Price: 1790

So apart from working out (swimming is the best in summers) and taking a healthy diet, you need to take medication that would boost your metabolism and help in weight loss.  However don't just pop anything into your mouth, go the Ayurvedic way. Nature Sure Agnimantha weight loss formula is a safe, natural and effective way to lose fat as it contains proven Ayurvedic herbs. I am trying to lose my baby weight with Agnimantha. However make sure you consult a physician before starting any medication. 
Do you struggle with weight?  What's your mantra?

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  1. You have chosen some beautiful backdrops for your pictures and they make me want to get serious about my wellness routine immediately! I will check out the pills you are talking about.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, we sure need to balance and stay fit and healthy. I will check out the pills and time start working on losing weight safely..

  3. Well I never taken any pills for weight loss will sure check these as they looks promising. This is new and informative post for me!!

  4. Does this pill really work, without any side effects? Curious to know because I also want to reduce weight and have ordered these last week.

  5. The capsule seems really helpful in the weight loss program. Would like to know if it works..

  6. Manisha - This is great information. I wanted to understand after what duration we would get to see the results? Ayurvedic products are safe but did you face any kind of side effects and how do we purchase the product?. Thanks in advance.

  7. We should always look for ayurvedic methods to reduce weight and this seems one of the best. Can it be helpful in reducing the belly fat?

  8. This looks like a good and convenient remedy for weight loss. Ayurveda has always held the key to many ailments and it comes as no surprise that it has one for obesity too.

  9. My mantra is to eat right and move enough to burn the calories. It's important to get the right nutrients and supplements if necessary. - Purva

  10. I have lost quite a lot of weight with proper diet and walking. I atleast try exercises at home if I can't go out for walk since it is rainy season. Nice post

  11. Yes I definitely am struggling with over weight issues. Trying very hard to loose some excess fat. Will definitely try these ..

  12. Exercise and proper diet is very helpful for weightloss . These pills also seems good to try..

  13. I can do relate to this post. I have a few extra kilos that just don't go! Lemme check out the solution you have suggested.

  14. Thank you for informative post, I was looking to loose some extra pounds,pills are great way to increase metabolism

  15. I have always been wary of using pills for weight loss, and have been sacred of what might effect my body negatively, but thanks for sharing, I'll consult my doctor with this!

  16. I've heard Ayurvedic medicines work wonders if someone is trying to reduce weight. I'll check these out soon.

  17. I wanted to reduce few kgs. I will like to try this medicine.i hope it helps me.

  18. I am not obese but I do have tummy fat which just doesn't want to leave me! These pills seem really effective and safe! Will try!

  19. Having weight loss supplements and doing regular exercise or yoga helps to reduce weight the right way.

  20. Weight loss is definitely an uphill task for many people, and an ayurvedic tablet is definitely a very helpful innovation. Definitely a healthier option to the varied over the counter options available these days. As you rightly said, Ayurveda and the right exercises can work wonders.