What's the purpose of your life?

by - 7/31/2019

Have you ever wondered what's your purpose on earth? One may be content with their lives but I am sure that at one point or the other,  one is compelled to stumble across this question in one's mind. If you have studied psychology then you must have read about Maslow's law of hierarchy. The primitive requirements (food, shelter, sex)  are the most basic needs of a man. And as we go higher, the needs graduate from basic towards spirituality and the highest need is 'self realisation'. I too have come across this question several times in my mind and that is why I have decided to discuss this book. 

Title: What on earth are you doing? 
Author: Abhinav Goel
Genre: Non fiction, motivation
Pages: 217

Author Abhinav is a successful corporate professional who decided to give up his comfortable profession to pursue something that he loved. And that's what made him pen this book. He wants to help others succeed and reach their dreams because that is what he loves to do. He realized that his life purpose is to harness his creativity to inspire people to live a life filled with love, courage and freedom.
This book is a practical guide to help you find success, lead a more meaningful life and find a purpose of one's existence. 
I would like to particularly highlight few points which I learned and loved. 

1. Accountability: You should be accountable for yourself. How many times does it happen that  we blame our failure on our spouse/circumstances/boss/family etc etc? We have to stop doing that. When we will start holding ourselves accountable, the chances to fail would drop miserably too. 

2. If you are not early then you are late. We, especially Indians should learn this because IST (Indian Standard Time)  means two hours later than the mentioned time. Time is money. When should we start valuing it? 

3. Ikigai
This is a Japanese concept which doesn't have an exact translation in English. It helps to decipher:

What do you love? 
What are you good at? 
What does the world need from you? 
What can get you paid for?

If we are able to decode these questions, our life is solved. 

Law of attraction: I have read so much about this but I am yet to be convinced because I haven't had success so far. Maybe I need to crave more for a particular thing before it starts showing results. But I am really impressed the way Abhinav explains this and teaches to exploit it to the fullest. 
Last but not the least,  lines by my favorite writer Mark Twain which Abhinav mentions:
The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day when you find out why.

Presently,  author Abhinav Goel is a success and happiness coach and a speaker whose purpose in life is to 'inspire people to live a life full of love, courage and freedom'. He has been a student of world renowned teachers like Jack Canfield and Dr Marshall Goldsmith. He believes he was born again at the age of forty. Currently resides in Delhi, he is a father of two teenage sons.

You can follow him on Instgram at Yourbreakthroughlife   for more inspiration.

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  1. I hope to find this book here in Canada. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. It has worked for me so I would like to read this book.

  2. this looks like a promising read. I am already impressed with the title. I have heard a lot about Abhinav Goel. I am surely going to check it out. Thanks for the review

  3. This looks like an excellent read , Yes that question do come to mind and I know my answer 🙂 life is all about spreading love and happiness everywhere 🙂🙂

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  7. Your blog got me thinking, so many things heard before but im curious now to know the perspective of the author and if it might rub its magic on me as well, picking up this one

  8. As a Psychology major, I've read about Mason's hierarchy of needs time and again. This book seems really interesting!

  9. It looks like a good book to read. Will like to read this sometime soon.

  10. I have not read Abhinav Goel's books. But this one seems really interesting.After all who would not be interested in reading about the purpose of life.

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