Book Review: Heart Quake by K.Vijayakarthikeyan

by - 7/23/2019

Title: Heartquake
Author:  K.Vijayakarthikeyan
Genre: Fiction
Number of pages: 151

This is Karthikeyan Sir's second English title. I was already a big fan of his first book and hence was eagerly looking forward to his second title. 
This book is nothing like his first one. If you thought that he writes only simple yet engaging stories with a happy ending then you would be in shock when you read this one. Because this one is  thriller! 
Heartquake has everything that a masala pot boiler has. It has drama, romance (of course) thrill,  mystery as well as science fiction! A series of deaths in mysterious circumstances makes it impossible to keep down the book. 
What I loved in both the books is that they are set up in an IAS background,  as the writer himself is one. If his first book was about cracking the Civil services exam then this one is after recruitment of the officers. I really love this aspect as I am absolutely novice about the working of this department. 
Karthikeyan sir is a doctor too. So you can very well expect the scientific twist in his narration. This book is way ahead of its time as it deals with facts like telemedicine and remote control murder. I loved how he made everything practical and relatable. And of course the ending was happy after such a torrential story! 
I totally recommend this book if you love any of these: drama,  romance,  mystery or science fiction!  I bet you must be a fan of either or all of these!

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  1. Though I am not a book lover but your review about this book and its various characters made me feel excited to grab a copy for myself

  2. Wow! a book with a mixture of everything, a book that has mystery, science, romance, drama and thrill; who wouldn't want to get their hands on this one.

  3. Am getting my hands on this one today.

  4. This book looks interesting definitely will check out ty for sharing & will suggest my sis to as she loves reading.

  5. This book looks interesting and with scientific twists this book must be a good thriller

  6. Amazing and insightful post. This book is the combination of mystery, science, romance, drama and thrill. This book binds the reader till the last. Great thoughts.

  7. I love to read romantic novels so definitely will read this one. The combination of drame, romance, mystery,thrill looks so amazing. Plz let me borrow this one Mandira :D

  8. I would love to read this book personally for have shared such a great review.. Thanks for sharing this one.

  9. Makes me want to pick up this book right away. Loved your blog!