How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus?

by - 4/08/2020

So we have reached the 14th day of Lockdown but there is no sign of flattening of the curve. Sounds so scary right! Only one week is left and after that we have to resume our normal schedules. Then what? Not all of us can work from home. And given the density of population in our country, social distancing is almost impossible without an imposed section 144 or curfew. But we have to take all the necessary precautions till this COVID19 is eradicated from the face of the earth. Otherwise, we all would end up infecting each other.

1. Social Distancing: This is the foremost precaution we have to take irrespective of lockdown or not. Forget going to malls. movie theatres or attending/hosting parties. Isolation is better than suffering. I guess all would agree.

2. Face masks: Don't even think of stepping out of the house without a face mask. A face shield helps in protecting yourself as well as others in innumerable ways.

The droplets are not released in to the air.
The shield prevents the infective droplets from reaching our respiratory passages.
Since this novel Coronavirus seems to survive on surfaces for days, it's important that you cover up yourself fully before stepping out.

A face shield with screen visor for eye protection provides added defence. You just have to remove the entire thing before entering your home.

3. Use a Body Temperature Gun: We all are social animals even in this time of social distancing. We rely on a number of people for our daily needs. Like the food delivery boy or the parcel person or even our home guards. We need to let the entry of certain outside people too in our homes. How can we know whether they are infected or not?

By using a Non contact digital infrared thermometer Body temperature gun. 

How does it work?
You point on the forehead of the concerned person and it displays the temperature.
Any reading above 37°C would raise the suspicion of fever and it's best to send that person for medical check up.

*1. 100 sets of measurement data memory recall.
*2. One-button measurement for easy operation, contact-free to avoid cross infection.
*3. If there is no operation for 15s, and the measurer is automatically turned off.
*4. Fever reminder function, you can set the temperature of fever reminder freely. (The default reminding data is 37.3 °C)
*5. The data unit can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and switching between object and temperature measurement.
*6. Electronic infrared temperature measuring instrument with high accuracy, suitable for infants, children, adults.
*7. Large LCD screen with backlit function.

4. Maintain hygeine all round the clock: Disinfect all the appliances in the house frequently. Switches, door knobs, faucets and all other things that are used by multiple members of the house. Wash your hands with soap and water repeatedly and don't touch your eyes and face. Use a sanitizer when water isn't available. Wash clothes and dry them in the sun. Deep clean your home regularly.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully Shieldhelp is here to provide us rest of the protective gear like hand sanitizer, light sterilizer, goggles, tissues, gloves, masks, etc . They ship worldwide and have excellent customer service.

What precautions are you taking in this period?

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  1. Well written and well described post. Its time to stand jointly.

  2. Is the body temperature gun available for normal households too ? I would get one if it is, it is really needed for our building as even in quarantine, we have a bit too much movement.

  3. Everyone has tobdo their bit and collectively we can win against COVID19. Well elaborated post.

  4. Stay Home , Stay safe.But if u can't then, Your tips are very essential and helpful. Hope all follows it.

  5. Really helpful tips you shared. We are home mostly but whenever going outside taking precautions like you mentioned. Very informative post for the current situation.

  6. Yes only by following all the steps and taking necessary precautions can we win agains covid 19 👍

  7. I too recently got a body temperature gun. Also keep a sanitizer by the doorway. We can't take risk

  8. Makes totally sense what you share here! Stay safe and healthy!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. This is really helpful. Stay home and stay healthy. :)

  10. Staying safe is the best we can do to prevent the disease from spreading more. Also keep praying because I'm pretty sure our prayers will be answered and this pandemic will be wiped out from the face of earth.

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