Book Review: Summer Days and Summer Nights by Roy Callaghan Vegas

by - 4/28/2020

Title: Summer Days and Summer Nights
Author: Roy Callaghan Vegas
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories
Pages: 64

So my quarantine reading goes on. And for the first time in many years, I devoured a short stories book. I have been a novel reader since my teenage days. For the past two years, my category of short stories have been those which I read to my toddler every night. However I am glad that I read this book as fell in love with this category all over again.

Why should you read short stories?
For busy persons (read working moms) these are especially helpful as you don't lose connection. You can finish one story every night. One book provides a lot of variety. Also those who find book reading tedious, can start with short stories to develop their reading habit.

Have you played a prank on anyone? Or worse, have you ever been a victim of some practical joke? My answer is yes to both of them :D

Without further ado, here is my review.

This book is a collection of 7 stories, based in India, mostly Southern and Western part of India.  The stories are very relatable. Most of them have a prank in them which would leave you in splits. One story is particularly very emotional.
The Last Practical Joke: This one is about a mischief (as the title suggests) that falls backwards.

The Taekwondo Kid: Again this has a prank but it's quite shocking. You would not even expect the story to end this way. Also it teaches us that strength lies in our minds. The most thoughtful story of this collection.

The Journey: A train voyage of three friends which lands up in an intelligently executed theft plan.

The Meeting place: An overtly emotional story that left me in tears. Beautifully penned down.
The Treasure Tree : A combination of nostalgia and prank. How a childish act/prank of two brothers changed their family's life forever.
Recognize Me: A story of how one kid's pride turns into his worst nightmare! One would get a hearty laugh after reading this.

Cannibals: Again a hilarious story of a prank, with the essence of friendship deeply embedded. How scary is it to be chased by a cannibal?

Roy Callaghan Vegas has done an incredible job of penning down these stories. His writing style is simple yet so descriptive and beautiful. There are hand illustrations in most of the pages that add more charm to the book.

This collection of stories is bound to be loved by every age group. You can buy this book on Amazon

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Thanks for the helpful and interesting reviews!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Short stories.. Interesting. I am definitely starting to read with this book!

  3. It's been ages since I read short stories. But your 5/5 rating is urging me to give this book a try

  4. This looks like a book I would definitely enjoy after I finish all the other ones I have unread.

  5. Great review !

  6. I love to read short stories and this book looks good to read. I will definitely going to read this book. Thanks for the review

  7. Short stories are fun to read. You don't feel you have left a book inbetween in case you have to take a break. Looks like a lovely read.

  8. Am so keen to read these short stories during this lockdown, also I don't have any new books to read.
    I will buy it as per your ratings.

  9. Short stories are very much relatable, crisp and to the point. This seems worth a read.

  10. Summer Days and Summer Nights seems like a great bedtime read. I'll surely get my hands on it. Great review by the way, Mandira.

  11. Though I'm not a book person I only read when I travel ,I'll bookmark it for my future read.

  12. These days I am developing my love towards book reading. I will get this one too . Seems like a good read .

  13. I just love short stories and I am currently reading one. This also looks interesting according to your review. I will try to read this one too.

  14. Short stories are good to read and finish up they keep the curiousness alive.

  15. I just love the treasure tree part. It's so amazing. Gonna read the book for sure.