Book Review: My Ramyeon Girl by Nethra A

by - 4/23/2020

Title: My Ramyeon Girl
Author: Nethra A
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Kindle version

What's better than curling up with a nice romantic book in these gloomy lockdown days? Nothing! Well my quarantine reading goes on and my current read is a cute little romantic novel.

The story is about a South Korean star Jung Su who is not romantically committed but always on the set, shooting. His friendship with a male friend of his had been splashed in the media as 'gay'. His manager Min-Sik is pushy, ambitious for him and had been trying to set him up on blind dates to remove the gay tag and to get him romantically involved. Sadly he is least interested.
Jung Su used to take the help of a disguise whenever he had to step out in the public. One fine afternoon he decides to have some ramyeon. He puts on his cap and sunglasses and enjoys his meal alone only to be intrigued by a foreigner girl on the next table struggling with chopsticks.
That girl was Meena, from India who did not know him, the superstar. She treated him like a regular man even after he googled his identity and showed that to her. Their encounter was rather funny. He trained her how to eat Ramyeon with chopsticks.

Jung Su was strangely drawn to that brown girl. They crossed paths again but she did not pay heed to him. Part of that irked him, part of that attracted him further to her. But then he resumes his normal life with her in the back of his mind. He also starts a blog which garners humongous pageviews.

He goes for shooting under the famous director Su Woo and that's such an enriching experience of his life. He gets trained in martial arts, has to take reshoots for the fight scenes but everything is so worth it. After 6 months when it gets wrapped, he gets so nostalgic. On the very last day of goodbyes and autographs and gifts, he gets hit by a stranger so bad that he lands up in the hospital.

His sister had been taking care of him but all he could think of was Meena. Later at an award ceremony he comes to know that Meena is a writer from India and he chides himself for not expressing interest in knowing her background. Instead he had just projected himself to be a biggie. That was so narcissistic. So finally he gathers the courage and calls her and invites her for lunch. The place was not too fancy but definitely way better than the old man's ramyeon shop, where they first met.

Does Jung Su actually fall in love with Meena or is it just an infatuation? What would be the future of this international/interracial love story? Is love really blind? Do people accept interracial relationships? How much importance should be given to the fellow Koreans' feelings given that Jung Su's  job is highly public?

My Ramyeon girl is a beautiful love story that refuses to follow the traditional rules of the society. Whether you are a romantic or not, this story is bound to touch your heart in many ways. The ending is unpredicatable.

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  1. Is good to get lost in a book especially on a gloomy day

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review :) I am glad you liked the book

  3. Thanks for the honest review about the book. Will definitely going to read this book

  4. The book seems interesting to read on. Love stories are always beautiful

  5. The book sounds really interesting. The milieu in which it is set makes it unusual, romance between an Indian girl and a Korean man sets the tone for a good plot.

  6. Such books are interesting to read during the current scenario to fresh our mind.

  7. I think I had a glimpse of this book somewhere and I am hooked. After reading your review, I really feel like picking it up.

  8. Looks like a good book to read. Especially I really want to know the ending. Will definitely going read this one.

  9. Thank you for this book review. I love reading books and your reviews are always helpful