A Photographer's Bliss- Fontainhas in Goa

by - 5/04/2019

Goa is one of the most scenic places in India with its serene beaches and mesmerising beauty, making it a photographer's bliss. Fontainhas in Goa, in particular, is the place where you just can't get enough of this beautiful state. Visiting Fontainhas should undoubtedly be on your list of things to do in Goa. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this place is visually breathtaking.
Whether it’s the houses that boasts of Portuguese architecture that are painted every year after the monsoon or the unusual Portuguese street names, it reminds one of the times when Goa was a Portuguese colony, thus making it a must-visit when holidaying in Goa.
Developed in the 18th century by Antonio Joao de Sequeira, a wealthy merchant of Goa, he initially used it for coconut plantations. After the shift of Goa's government headquarters, it was turned into a residential area for the administrative officers. If visiting Fontainhas hasn't made it to your list of things to do in Goa as yet, then make sure you include it right away!
Things to do in Fontainhas

While exploring the heritage buildings and Portuguese era homes here, you could pay a visit to the Chapel of St. Sebastian, a church that came into existence in the 1800s. This prominent church is functional even today and is known for its unique artefacts- visiting it definitely makes it on the list of things to do in Goa.
Art lovers must include visiting the Gitanjali Gallery on their list of things to do in Goa. Right from paintings and poems to books and movies, this gallery has it all!
Maruti Temple could be your next stop. Situated atop a hill, this temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is another major attraction that must be included in your list of things to do in Goa. This temple is located near Fonte Phoenix and is one of the most beautiful temples in Goa. You can take photos of this temple and its surroundings to add to your travel album!

Walking Tours

Fontainhas walking tours are also available. It’s a 2 hours trail that will walk you through the old Latin Quarter and take you back to the Portuguese era. These tours are available as a solo experience, couple experience, small groups and large groups so you could book the one that suits your need. Taking photos of this wonderful place and framing them can add an elegant touch to your home.
Ideal Time to Visit
While all good seasons are great to visit Goa, visiting Goa in February will allow you to enjoy the Fontainhas festival, where the traditional houses are turned into beautiful art galleries that display some amazing artworks during this festival.

What to eat?
Local Konkan food is one of the specialities of Goa. Fontainhas itself, as well as Goa, has several small and large bars and cafes where you could indulge in some tasty Goan delicacies. Seafood and all types of meat dishes can be enjoyed while in Goa. If you’re an Instagrammer, posting photos of all the different foods you are sure to sample here will sure make people envy you!

Where do I stay?

The Club Mahindra resorts are one of the best Goa resorts to choose from. Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort, Club Mahindra Emerald Palms Resort or Club Mahindra Acacia Palms Resort, offer spacious and beautiful rooms including modern amenities for a comfortable stay. These resorts in Goa also have an in-built restaurant which offers delicious Konkan food, one of many things that Goa is famous for. Before you book your stay in any of these resorts make sure to check out the Club Mahindra reviews of our happy customers.

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