Anniversary Giveaway!

by - 6/08/2017

Tell me the name of a single person who does not like free gifts. Not that I know of any! We all love gifts. We love them all the more when we win some! So here I am telling you about an awesome giveaway!

My favourite online website, just turned three. 

An amazing sale is going on....its the year's biggest sale! Massive discounts plus free shipping worldwide!

There is an Anniversary Warm up (June 8-14)  Prices from 0.01$
Anniversary Carnival (June 15-17)  Free Shipping Worlwide
Anniversary Encore (June 18-21)

In order to honour its readers, it has organised an fabulous 3rd Anniversary giveaway where you can win a 100$ Gift Card! How cool is that!

The rules are pretty simple.

This is a Zaful extra giveaway only on word-press! They celebrating for the their 3rd anniversary and you might be the lucky winner!

What you have to do: 
(1)Follow their wordpress blog!
(2) Click on 1 of the image and participate the event, feel free to pick your favorite or the easiest one.
(3)Go back to that article, leave a comment in the reply area with :【Your Zaful User name】 &【Which event you participate】
How to win?
Every week, they will announce a random luck number. The first comment will be marked as 1, the second will be 2 and so on~ According to how many comments per week, we’ll also increase the amount of lucky numbers. It’s time to invite your friends to win a giveaway together!

All winners will receive a $100 Giftcard each. 
Date:June 08-June 22

Tip: Winner will only be chosen among legit user accounts.
( You can invite your followers or friends to participate in this event and tag you when they do. According to how many tags[@] you receive they reward you different amount of gift cards:
20tags=$10 giftcard
40tags= $30 giftcard
60tags=$60 giftcard
80tags=$100 giftcard
Tips:39tags=$10 giftcard;53tags=$30 giftcard)

Simple? Isn't it?

Well a 100$ Gift card seems a lot! Especially the trendy items at Zaful are at so affordable prices. Let me see...what would I like to buy if I win 100$?

Dresses...of course! Purple has recently stolen my heart and I would love a purple lace dress.
Shoes: Duh. A no brainer

Purse: A girl can never have enough bags.
Jewelry: A girl's best friend.

So go and participate in the giveaway right now!

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