Road trip to Mawana....The land of sugar

by - 6/09/2017

Its always about the journey and not about the destination. How many times have you heard this? The fact is that its 100% true! I mean you may plan to go somewhere very unknown or a small town but the journey to that place makes it very exciting. So when life seemed mundane and unexciting, hubs decided to take us to Mawana, the land of sugar, on a fine Sunday morning.
 I have heard about Mawana ever since I was a kid. I mean I had this thinking that all the sugar comes from there. The truth is that Western UP is the primary manufacturer of sugar and a huge chunk of it is processed in Mawana Sufar Mill. So I got very excited to go there. What I did not know is that Sugar industry is a seasonal industry. Sadly summers are not the time when sugar is processed. Still, I was excited about the road trip to that place.

 Mawana is a tiny town in the Meerut District. The name Mawana comes from the term 'Muhana' meaning mouth or gateway. It actually meant the entry to Hastinapur...the land of Mahabharata, which is only 16 kms away.
 I have known Mawana for its sugar mills. Unfortunately neither there were sugarcane fields (its summer and they had been harvested long back) nor the factories were working. The bright side? We did not have to brave the stinking foul smell of molasses which so synonymous with sugar mills.
 We started early in the morning so that we did not have to face traffic. But in India, everyday there is some or the other festival. We got stuck really bad in Murad Nagar as there was some Ganga festival. Imagine...getting stuck on a Sunday morning? Anyways we stopped on the way by the river side to take pictures and breath fresh air...something which is so elusive back in Delhi.
 While we were crossing Meerut cantonement, I spotted a palatial mansion with chimneys (just like my dream house). We drove all around to reach its gate. It turned out to be a huge branch of Allahbad Bank. It must have been some Viceroy's residence during the British Raj. The mansion was just like a dream...with acres of garden all around. We mom and daughter played around while hubs took pictures.
 Finally we reached Mawana after three hours of driving. We were visiting my husband's senior and his family, who happens to be the head doctor of Mawana Sugar Mills. More on the Mawana Sugar Mill township in the next post.
Given the sweltering Delhi heat, I had to dress very carefully. I mean the car is air conditioned; but so what? A traveller has to brave the adverse climate to explore and of course take good pictures. So style and comfort are both equally important. Coming to the outfit, the skirt is from Its a linen skirt and extremely comfortable. Rosegal has a huge range of stylish yet affordable clothing. You can find loads of cute plaid maxi dress too. The best part? They offer free shipping!

Top: Forever 21
Sunnies: Aldo
Denim Vest: Bangkok
Purse: Shoppers Stop

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  1. Mawana is indeed so lovely. And you and your daughter look absolutely beautiful! Love the outfits!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. You and the baby look stunning great trip

  3. Such a beautiful place, I love your photos :)
    Nati xx

  4. Mahana looks so breathtaking!! Would love to visit here some day :) Thanks for sharing girl!

    XO, Jessi

  5. amazing such beautiful place..and you looking stunning.