Packing smart for my next vacation

by - 6/10/2017

Everyone loves to travel but no one likes to pack! Packing and unpacking are the most unpleasant parts of travelling. My partner especially abhors this. Not because he has to do it, but has to bear the brunt of it. Me stuffing oodles of stuff into our bags without any proper manner. (I bet fashion bloggers/ any normal girl can relate with me 😀)I mean no matter how much I try to organize, they seem to get shuffled. Often I am unable to locate the other half of my outfit/ swimwear or a belt or a sock as they all seem to get lost under one giant suitcase. Believe me, throwing everything topsy turvy when running short on time is the last thing you want on a trip.

I have been trying to find the solution to this packing dilemma when I stumbled across The one stop destination for your luggage! They have all kinds of bags you can think of: Travel, shoe, laundry, gym, trekking, men and women bag. Phew! Also they have umbrellas. Apart from the wide range at affordable prices, what particularly caught my fancy were the packing cubes.
These cubes are luggage organizers which practically solve every traveller's woes. Each is a set of 6 cubes of three different sizes. These are useful in so many ways. You can segregate your stuff very efficiently. Like lingerie in one. Shoes in another. Bottoms in one and accessories in other.
Often we visit multiple destinations in one trip. A person like me (who loves to dress up) packs a different set of clothes for each place. Now with these organizers, it would be so convenient! Holland wardrobe goes in one while the one for Rome would go to another! I can also pack my partner's clothes very conveniently in a single suitcase; without jumbling them up.
They save a lot of space and also protect our clothes from stains, wrinkles and damages! And bye bye losing anything! Unpacking is a breeze too!
The packing cubes come in three sizes:  2* Large( 17.5" x 13.7" x 4") 2*Medium (13.7" x 9.8" x 4") 2 *slim (13.7"x5"x4"). They come in a wide range of colours: Pink, burgundy, blue, black , grey, fuschia and purple.

The best part about They offer free 18 months of warranty extension. 60 days of Free Return shipping and priority customer support. What else do we need!

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