Why I decided to go organic for myself and my baby in 2018!

by - 2/26/2018

Being a medico doesn't mean that I am overtly health concious or an obssessive compulsive person on a pathological level. I do know at every point where I am wrong or what could have been done in a healthier way but that doesn't stop me from living my life! If you are a long time reader, you would be knowing how much I am fond of food and really don't think much before popping anything into my mouth. I always make resolutions on January only to break them a couple of days later. However this year I decided not to make resolutions but intentions ( inspired by other worldwide bloggers) The only intention I made was to make healthy choices. I mean not to cut down on the amount of food that I eat but to choose greener options over junk. Along with clean eating I decided to go for organic, paraben free products for personal use.

So what made me switch to paraben free products all of a sudden in 2018?
Firstly, paraben free products were not readily available earlier or were exorbitantly expensive. Now they have become common.
Being a mom has made me wiser. My baby has a life span of 25 years more than me! It's imperative that I protect her from unnecessary chemicals.
A lot of small scale industries have started manufacturing such products. These are usually a brain child of mothers which ensure that you are getting the best items and not something which has been manufactured at a mammoth level. One such great brand which I came across is Mama Earth, which makes organic, paraben free products for both Mama and baby. Everything is 100% toxin free and natural! Here are a few things that I got to try on and would love to switch to their entire line!
Root Restore Hair oil: I spotted my first grey hair after giving birth and 4 years later, there are now tens of them. And don't get me started on hairfall...I guess every mother can relate! So I need something extra than coconut oil and this is the answer. This is a concoction of Rosemary oil, Bhringraj oil and Vitamin F.

Price: 399 INR for 100 ml. Pump Bottle.
This oil really rejuvenates the roots. I also love the soft rosemary smell. My hair has become stronger after few applications. Also I love the packaging. A pump bottle is always so handy!

No more tangles Conditioner: Being the quintessential curly haired girl, I simply can't think of washing hair without a conditioner. This one makes my frizzy hair much tame. It contains milk protein, cocoa butter and Fenugreek. It smells heavenly!

Price: 349 INR for 200 ml. Pump Bottle.

Natural Lip balm: This one is really interesting. It's a pack of three for baby, mama and papa! How cool is that? I am relieved that what my daughter is putting on her lips ( and licking eventually) is absolutely chemical free!

Price: 299 INR for 4 gms * 3

Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner: How many times does your kids soil his/ her hands with marker or sketch pen or colours? You are not alone! I had to scrub my daughter's tiny hands vigorously after every such activity before I had this cleaner. It's so effective and absolutely safe! Plus it's so travel friendly. I can never imagine to go out with her without this magic cleaner now!
It is a lavender and coconut based cleanser. It has antibacterial action too! Again the spray bottle is very handy.

Price: 199 INR for 100 ml.

It's never late to switch to a healthier regimen. One can choose to be wise and still enjoy life. Have you made any resolutions for 2018? What are they? If not, try making some intentions!

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  1. The products sounds amazing your baby is adorable

  2. It is so great to see more natural products out on the market, that chapstick sounds great!

    XO Jessi

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