The village you must visit in Tuscany: Panzano in Chianti

by - 2/10/2018

 Are you over the picturesque celebrations of Virushka wedding yet? Me neither. As soon as any of their Italian nuptial snapshots pop in my feed, I can't help but dive into them further. Their smiles, their trousseau, the decor and above all the venue have me on my toes all the time. A Tuscan could not be dreamier than that. Well as far as its distant in our lives (such kind of wedding, duh!) there is no harm in exploring that part of the country! FYI The guest villas cost them 13.5 lac INR per night. Thankfully we went to Italy before they got married (yayy) and so could relate with the Tuscan countryside more. So if you plan a trip to this boot shaped country, then make sure to explore the sunshine state of Toscana. Its purely blissful! The Tuscan countryside is my dream idea of village life. They got married in Sienna which is near Greve, the place we explored. You can very well understand why they chose this locale!

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After exploring the village of Montefioralle on foot (we could not hire a scooter because of license issues) and walked down to Greve. Then from the bus stop, we took a bus to Panzano, a tiny village in Chianti. Since we bought the tickets on board, it was 2 euros per person. The bus was absolutely empty. We thought that we would know when we would hit Panzano. But we were so engrossed in watching the countryside that we missed it and kept on sitting. Suddenly the bus driver yelled 'Are not you supposed to get down at Panzano'? Oh no! that meant walking on the slopes again :(
Panzano was more town like than a village. 
There were fancy restaurants everywhere, one in which we had lunch. Chianti is famous for its wine. We wanted to buy Chianti wines as gifts from this region itself. We walked to the nearest winery that caught our fancy. This lovely lady was an American settled in Italy. She convinced us to buy the wines from her place. She said that she had noticed my hat and colourful dress while we were having lunch and she loved my lip colour. Talk about great marketing skills!
panazano italy wine festival
We decided to explore the village before it was our time for the bus back to Florence. We again started walking up the slopes to get some gorgeous views of the valley. There were various Trattorias on the way which would have provided good food plus great views. Unfortunately our stomachs were already full so there was no space for regret. We walked to the end of the village where there was a church. Since it was afternoon, it was closed. I had enough photos of the stone mansions and cobbled streets. So for the first time, I decided to enjoy the place rather than hopping here and there for photos!
There was still time left for our bus. So we decided to sit at the edge of the valley near a big house. We could hear people insde and somehow it made us feel secure. How that half an hour passed, no one knew! Our last Tuscan village adventure ended on a peaceful note indeed.

panazano italy restaurants

Hubs waiting at the bus stop and I playing photographer!

Dress: From Turkey
Hat: Accessorize
Necklace: CN
Sunnies: From Turkey

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  1. Looks awesome there! I love the pictures you took.

  2. Love how charming this village looks!! Great photos babe <3

    XO, Jessi

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