Under the Tuscan sun, Toscana, Italy

by - 12/29/2017

Soaking under the Tuscan sun...the viallge of Montefioralle and vineyards in the background...
Our second day in Florence was for the Tuscan countryside. I had always dreamt picnicking in the Italian countryside. I mean the countryside spelt tall stone mansions and long pine trees and of course with vineyards all around. I was really looking forward to experiencing the Italian village life. The only flipside was that we did not know where to go!
Early in the morning we went to the bus stop. The nearest district was Chianti. We asked the person at the ticket counter a bus ticket to somewhere in Chianti. He said Chianti is a very big region. I needed to specify where in Chianti. Then I again said that we wanted to visit some medieval village in Chianti, where should we go. He again repeated that Chianti is a very big region, I need to specify where to go so that he can give us the ticket to that place. Greve was the nearest big town in Chianti (the only name we knew of) and we bought bus tickets to that place. Hubs had plans of renting a scooter in Greve and then taking me all around the region. Suddenly we remembered that he had left his licence in my jewellery box. We again made our way to Alfredo's house and came back running helter skelter so as not to miss our bus.
We reached Greve in an hour. The sun was blaring. We were the only ones at the bus stop. Clueless, what to do next. We walked over to the nearest winery to ask instructions about a scooter rental (if any). Thankfully there was a rental ten minutes from there. We started walking. I was already loving the quite, stony and sunny surroundings. What I did not like was what happened inside the rental.
Its not a secret what kind of struggle we had with my husband's Hindi driving licence in Greece. We had a tough time convincing them but had finally succeeded. You can read the sob story here. Sadly in Italy we were unable to convince them. The lady straightaway said a big NO. Crestfallen, we came out of the shop.
Now we had two options. Either we rent an electric bike (in which I did not have any confidence) or go walking. The second option won. We slowly started climbing the slopes. After our hikes in Cinque Terre, I did not have much power left in my legs. I was angry and sad both. I had high hopes of exploring the Chianti region. We both went on a non speaking mode for the next fifteen minutes. Finally I was so overjoyed by the beauty of my surroundings that I broke my silence and asked hubs to take pictures :) End of our war and beginning of our adventure.

Olives everywhere!

Skirt: From Turkey
Top: From Goa
Sunnies: from Turkey
Purse: Jabong.com
Necklace: CN Direct.com

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  1. Lovely couple you rock that skirt.

  2. Glad you got to explore babe!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Amazing pictures! You look stunning:)


  4. Beautiful pictures! I love Tuscany

  5. What a beautiful place to end the year!! Italy is one of my favorite destinations too babe <3 Hope you're having a great time!!

    XO, Jessi

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