Sunrise in Florence, Italy

by - 12/15/2017

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I think people are obsessed with sunsets in general. We tend to associate every place with its famous sunset. But why not sunrise? If a place has got a pretty sunset then its opposite side would have a gorgeous sunrise too! People rave about the sunset in Santorini. What they don't  know is that on the East coast of Santorini, the sunrise is equally spectacular. If not had been my husband''s intelligence, we too have missed the sunrise in Perissa!

Maybe there is a reason. Sunrises are much harder to witness. I mean who wants to wake up before the break of dawn and that too on a vacation? Having said that I am not a morning person and neither my husband is. But when it comes to sunrise, we can brave any amount of discomfort!
On our first day in Florence, we had watched a magnificent sunset at the Piazzale Michelangelo. The square is huge but the crowd was larger. It was a very chaotic ambiance. However watching the sun go down with so many people is an experience in itself. We had loved every bit of it in Santorini. Seems champagne is synonymous with sunsets for Europeans. However we could not click satisfactory pictures because the zoom lens could not be used with so many people hovering!
The Santa Croce Basilica

The Michelangalo square offers a 360 degree view of the entire city of Florence. My husband suggested that the sunrise would be equally mesmerising here. The next day we were headed to see the Tuscan countryside. So we decided it for our last morning in Firenze.

The Duomo in its full glory!

On our third day (like every other day) the unexpected happened. We got up at around 5 am and could leave the house at half past five. The Piazza was around one hour walk from our place. That meant missing the sunrise. However the optimist in me pushed us to continue the chase.
Florence is incomplete without these sculptures by Michelangelo!

The streets were almost empty. I mean who is crazy to be up that early? We spotted only joggers. Then the inevitable happened. In the lure of taking a shortcut, we missed an important turn and got lost! The more we kept on walking, the farther we moved away from our destination! Damn! The sun rose and we were still walking with no signs of the right route in sight.
Thanks to the Canadian couple we got such a beautiful pic!

After I believe one hour of walking, we took a bus and reached the Piazza. Oh my God! Is it the same place where we came a couple of days back? We could not believe was absolutely empty! Apart from us there were just another couple. They were from Canada and we took turns in clicking each other.
A bird's eye view of Florence...The Arno river with series of bridges on it!

The view was mind boggling. The Duomo could be seen right beside us. The vibe was beautiful. Amidst the running we had forgotten how chilly the morning was. The entire city of Florence charmed us. All the running and climbing hundreds of stairs to reach the Piazza was worth!
After about half an hour, we started our way back. We had our train to Venice and we did not want any more drama! I think we had our fair share in the morning :D
The beautiful Arno river and the famous Ponte Vecchio in the backdrop....on our way back.

Zodiac signs strewn across the floor and a sun dial

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  1. I've always wanted to travel to Italy! Lovely photos!

  2. Lovely photos babe! I can't wait to start traveling the world again!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Italian streets can be very confusing. Your trip looks amazing and the pictures are simply breathtaking.

  4. Florence is a beautiful city, great pictures, I love your look