Professional makeup mirror with lights: Yes or No?

by - 12/28/2017

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all? I guess we all need mirrors whether a male or a female. However, the ''obsession'' seems to be particularly with women. The reason is very simple. They need to do make up, touch up and of course a little bit of narcissism exists in everyone. But there is a valid reason too. They have so much going on with their bodies that they need to keep a tab on everything. Earlier I thought of doing a makeup mirrors review. But then decided to elucidate the uses of a mirror. Now, apart from make up, what are the things that can be monitored with a mirror?

Open Pores: As we tend to age, our pores began to be larger and remain open for longer. Its necessary to use a toner or astringent regularly. The three cardinal steps should be followed all the time ie cleansing, toning, moisturising. These steps are particularly important during nighttime as its the longest resting period for the skin. Open pores are best examined with a magnifying mirror.

Ageing skin: How can you find out whether your skin is ageing or not?Simple: There are mainly seven signs: Dark spots, fine lines, sagging skin, dryness, lack of lustre, patches and open pores. Well its better to start taking care of them before they become irreversible! I suggest starting anti ageing regimen from 30s or before if you have given birth. Of course the first signs can be easily spotted with a mirror. So its important that you examine your face closely once in awhile.
Premature Greying of hair: Nowadays its not uncommon to spot grey hair at an early age of 25. The reasons are very simple: Stress, pollution, junk food, too much hair styling with chemicals etc etc. However a single grey strand does not mean the end of the world. Once you spot your first grey hair, you can put a hold to that. Homeopathic treatment works wonders. Also improving your lifestyle will help you put a hold to premature greying. Again you need a good quality mirror for that.

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I could go on and on about the uses of mirrors but I decided to stop here. However the cardinal question is what kind of mirror should you use? Again, every mirror has a different use. But if you have the money, then definitely go for a professional mirror with lights. The bright lights bring out the slightest of flaws and you can never be duped. Not only perfect for make up but also for spotting the flaws of your skin. Also for dressing up purposes, opt for a full length mirror. For close examination purposes, a magnifying mirror is a must. Not to forget, the portable ones are perfect for on the go.

So what all mirrors do you own or would love to? Let me know!

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  1. For some reason i find the lights distracting. I prefer a normal mirror and using the normal lighting. But they look pretty and glamorous.

  2. Im soo glad with these product ...Simplest a week and I see a distinction ...So satisfied

  3. Im soo glad with these product. Simplest a week and I see a distinction ...So satisfied