What is Hydra Facial and why is it so popular?

by - 6/08/2018

As you all know, I worked exclusively in the skin department as a consultant for 3 years before I quit working as a full time doctor. Therefore, my expertise lies in the field for skin and hair. I have treated innumerable skin ailments and advised even greater number of treatments to my patients. However when it comes to my own skin, I hardly ever go for any treatment. I mean I don't even go for my monthly facials. Partly because I am blessed with healthy skin so I don't need anything at all and partly because I am short on free time. But even if one is endowed with great skin, it needs maintenance from time to time. Yesterday I went to Kyra Laser and Skin clinic in Green Park, Delhi and got myself pampered to a session of the famous Hydra Facial. I feel rejuvenated and glowing. 
Now you must be wondering what is this Hydra Facial?
As the name suggests, Hydra Facial uses patented technology to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. It uses super serums that are made with nourishing ingredients. It mainly comprises of three steps:
Cleanse +Peel
Extract+ Hydrate
Fuse+ Protect

About Kyra Skin Lounge: 

Kyra Laser and Skin clinic specialises in all sorts of hair and skin treatment. For advanced hair therapies to advanced facials, they have it all. They also provide Laser Hair removal treatment and were the first to bring it in Delhi in the year 2000. They have a lifetime commitment of laser hair removal. Once you pay, you never have to pay again no matter after how many years you turn up.
Location: In Green Park main market. The location is in the upscale Green Park and is easily accessible by public transport.
Infrastructure: The moment you enter, you sense calm and serenity.
Staff: Very well trained, well behaved and professional staff.

Now Hydra Facial:

First my face was cleansed followed by extensive massage of the face which was very relaxing. Then started the actual treatment.
A vacuum tip was used to deep cleanse and remove impurities.
First a gentle peel was used on my face. The product used was Glucosamine HCL.
Then it was cleaned and the another product was used which was rich in peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. The last product to be applied was Salicylic acid.
After that my face was wiped and Casmara mask was applied. Casmara is a Spanish company that came up with the revolutionary algae mask. The mask was left on my face for 15 minutes.
It was the most relaxing part of the process..even more than the wonderful massage. My face felt soothed, calm and an incredible feeling of rejuvenation.
Time taken: 1 hour
Cost: 6000 INR
Effect stays for 25 days

Now coming  to the benefits of Hydra Facial treatment:

I could see a noticeable glow instantly.
It evens out pigmentation. The skin looks lighter uniformly.
It is absolutely non invasive and shows instant results.
It's great for blackheads and whiteheads.
It fights wrinkles and fine lines and rehydrates dry skin.
It basically makes the skin healthier in the long run.

How is it better than Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels?
It is much gentler than microdermabrasion. Instead of the sanding procedure, a vacuum tip does all the job.
It is practically painless.
Peels are not for eveyone as the chemicals can cause adverse reaction in problem prone skin.
Absolutely zero downtime and no side effects.
The staff at Kyra Skin Lounge were extremely professional and efficient. Many of my friends opted for other skin procedures and hair treatments and were equally satisfied.

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  1. This is new to me. Looks good.

  2. Your skin is indeed glowing. I seldom get free time and there's also my laziness, so I rarely visit a parlour. But, yes, as you said, even a healthy skin and hair need maintenance...I think I should rush to the nearest spa next weekend.

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