125 years of Johnson baby and why it's #BestForBaby

by - 6/04/2018

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Last month was a very important milestone for the baby products giant Johnson baby. It completed 125 years of. reign! Whoa! Fortunately I was a part of the grand celebrations and was lucky to have got to visit their factory and experience their goodness up, close and personal.
We mommies flew to Mumbai a night before the big day. We were hosted at the Renaissance Powai and that experience was lovely although very short. Next day we checked out early in the morning and set out for our plant visit in Mulund.
The Johnsons baby factory in Mulund was set up in 1957 . It's a well established place in Mumbai.
We were asked to don either pink or blue and the reason was very simple. These two are not only the colours of Johnson's baby but the entire place was decked up in these two hue! We started with the 125 years walk of Johnson's baby.
Did you know that Johnson's baby soap was born in 1916? It was formed as a result of a physician's wish who wanted a baby soap that cleaned without irritation. Then in 1938, Johnson's Baby oil was launched and in 1942 Baby Lotion.

 In 1953, Johnson's No More Tears Baby shampoo was launched which was revolutionary as it had the right pH and balance of cations and anions which did not cause irritation to the tender eyes.

After the walk we took cutesy photos at the photo booth. Then we were escorted to the function area where we were briefed about the guidelines of the day and the agenda.
The factory/ laboratory/ manufacturing area is very sensitive but they were so sweet to have opened it up for us mommies. We were asked to wear a lab coat, safety glasses, tie our hair and heels were prohibited. These instructions had been announced on the invitation itself. However still there were mommies who were wearing heels.and J n J had solutions for them too!
First we went to the lab. We were shown why Johnson's baby powder was the best. There was simulation of human baby skin and how Johnson's baby powder spread smoothly as opposed to other powders.
Then the lab where all the quality control takes place.

Why is Johnson's products safe?
Doctors are working round the clock researching what is best for babies. They conduct surveys on moms as well as paediatricians and scientists to strive for the best.
The raw materials which they use is of utmost quality and standards are same throughout the world. The fragrances they use is approved by the International Fragrance Association.

What does not Johnson use natural products like other brands?

The ideology of Johnson baby brand is to follow everything scientifically. Everything in nature is not safe! I mean that is what is the difference between drug and medicine. So instead of using fancy Indian /Sanskrit terms, they prefer to use scientific words. Whatever they use is absolutely 100% safe for babies which has been well researched.
Why are not Johnson's products preservative free?

Preservatives are important. They are indispensable for the longevity of products. Suppose if a drop of water goes inside a bottle of shampoo/baby lotion, it would become contaminated if it does not have preservatives. Again that contaminated product when used on a baby would cause harm. Now what do you want?

If you are worrying about the presence of pthalates in their products then think. A single apple and a banana contains more pthalates than 10 bottles of Johnson's baby shampoo. Now you do the math!

Whatever Johnson's baby uses in their products are 100% safe for your baby. They have been researched over 100s of years and are the result of pure science as well as hard work. Ruling for 125 years is not easy!

After a delicious lunch there was a question and answer round which solved all our doubts and queries. Then after lots of boomerang moments, we were bade farewell with a lovely photo frame.
That was one hell of a fun yet eye opening experience! I have always used Johnson's baby for my daughter and would continue to do so. But this time with unbeatable faith and confidence.

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  1. Johnson and Johnson is a trust company that no matter the age you could continue using I use their baby oil great post.

  2. Great post! I love J&J for my baby too!

    XO, Jessi

  3. love johnsons and johnsons its best product for kids