What all you need to know about nail extensions

by - 6/17/2018

It's a bit strange that being a fashionista myself ( my friends call me that and come on it's my profession now!) I never had nail extensions until last week! The reasons are many...I never had so much free time and long nails always intimated me. I have had short nails throughout my life. However I always loved the look of square, perfectly painted nails.

Last week I was invited by Clinic Calee to try their services. I loved Clinic Calee as I had got Microdermabrasion done last year and was excited to try nail extensions this time.

About the clinic:
Clinic Calee is situated in the posh Noida sector 18 and very easily accessible by metro. It's spread over two floors and the infrastructure is amazing! Right from the moment you enter, you are greeted by the politeness of the staff and the calm atmosphere. You are given a special Calee drink which is a concoction of cucumber, tulsi, lemon and all other beneficial things. It's so delicious that I had two glasses!

Getting Nail extensions done:
The nail artist is a thorough professional and she will guide you nicely according to your desire and practicality. I decided to go for square nails. You can opt for square, coffin or almond ones. The latter two require longer length so not suitable for mothers of toddlers unless you have a full time help!
The process started with filing and buffering of my real nails. Then a top coat was applied and the nails were subjected to UV radiations for drying.
Then the acrylic nails were stuck to the nail beds with nail gum and gain subjected to UV rays.

After that the desired nail paint was applied. Since I opted for nail art with milor/glitter, the process was longer. Everytime a paint was applied, it was subjected to UV for drying.
After the milor/glitter was applied, it was then coated again with top coat and UV dried.
When you think everything is finally over and you can't wait to stare at them, all your 'Oh So Perfect' nails are buffered again and they become hazy and rough! Then again they are painted with top coat and dried in Ultraviolet rays for one last time.
Tada! Your perfect nails are ready!
The entire process took around 2 hours.

Price: At Clinic Calee, it starts from 2500 INR and depends on the type of nail art you are opting for.

Post care instructions:

You have to clean your nails in running water everytime you do something messy. At the end of the day, you need to scrub their underneath with a brush.
For those who are actively involved in housework, keep them short. In that way it won't be much of a hindrance.
Be careful when pulling up the flyer of your trousers (if it's too tight) or taking out clothes from the almirah. If your nails get stuck, the extensions won't be harmed but your real nails beneath ill tend to break.
It's better to don gloves while cleaning and cooking.
The extensions usually last for 25days. However if your nails grow faster, you may need to refill them earlier.
When you want to get them removed, if have to visit the parlour as it cannot be done at home.
With all said, it's a lovely feeling to flaunt such perfect nails!

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