Where to find the best street Art in Melbourne

by - 6/03/2018

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There is so much that can be expressed through art. It's not just said a picture speaks a thousand words without any reason. Whether it's a masterpiece at a renowned museum or a doodle on a piece of paper, the artist has been trying to spread back message or express his feelings.
Something that has been really trending and fascinating for quite a few years now is Street art. What was earlier termed as hooliganism, has taken a new name in the form of street art; only when done with the right intention like the Melbourne Graffiti lane.

Although painted walls are common at any part of the world, there are certain cities on the globe that are particularly famous for their vivid streets. One such city which has world famous painted  streets is Melbourne, Australia. I particularly get fascinated by the amount of toil and hard work that goes into creating such huge murals. So I made it a point to visit all the streets with the painted walls when I was in Melbourne.

To name a few, these are some of the areas where you can catch some eye popping art. 450 Lygon Street Carlton, Hosier Lane, Swanson street, queen street, little Bourke street, Forum theatre, Payne's place Croft alley, Royal underpass The incredible part is that these are ever changing. Sometimes the murals depict something which is trending or sometimes they convey an important message. Like a huge painting of a missing person with the contact details. I was shocked as to how talented these artists must be to recreate such life like images. Too bad they don't charge anything for beautifying the city.
However there are strict rules as to they shouldn't threaten public property. The best part of touring Melbourne was that my dear friend (from my yoga college days) was there to accompany us. Soniya has been staying in Melbourne for a couple of years. So it was like roaming around with a local who was a dear friend. We used to plan of international holidays together when we were in Yoga college. Never we thought that it would actually come true and it turned out even more fun than what we had imagined! PS We were given an awesome tasting energy drink for free in the Hosier Lane!

You can also opt for Melbourne Street Art tours to experience lesser known street art areas....not just Hosier Lane street art.

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  1. Wow, you found really interesting street art. I like few of them.

  2. Wow, this is amazing. Love this place


  3. def need to visit!!

    XO, Jessi

  4. This is so cool the Street art is so detail who ever did it is very talented. Amazing images.

  5. awesome wall art gallery thanks for sharing