Top 4 Places to Explore the Art and Culture of Wayanad with Family

by - 6/26/2018

Wayanad is a lush and green-forested district in the state of Kerala. When you plan your next family vacation to Kerala, think of Wayanad. It is part of the Western Ghats and home to a variety of animals like tigers, elephants, and leopards, among others. There is a long history associated with this place and it is rich in its tribal culture and tribal art form. The tribal people, who live in Wayanad, have their own unique dance forms that are performed on special occasions.
Here is a list of the famous Wayanad tourist places, where you can truly explore and enjoy, and take part in the art and culture of this great city.

ValmeekamTribal Museum
An exquisite part of Wayanad’s travel culture, the Valmeekam Tribal Museum, located in the Mananthavady taluka of Wayanad is a living homage to the tribal culture of the district. It is a must-visit destination if you wish to immerse yourself in the art and culture of this beautiful city.

Edakkal Caves
Latest dating techniques reveal the age of these pristine caves as over 8,000 years old. However, the attractive pictorial writings inside the caves will certainly cater to the art lover in you. Moreover, they are at least 6,000 years old from the time of creation.

Valliyoorkkavu is an ancient temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess Durga. It is an important part of the folk tradition. The temple idol is believed to have self-manifested, a belief that has led to huge gatherings everywhere year for the 14-day Arattu Festival. Traditional art forms in the form of ritual dance are performed during the 14 days of the festival. Even the tribal people of the region perform their own cultural dance form, which is a pleasant part of the whole program.
Wayanad Heritage Museum

Containing many historical artifacts and tribal art pieces, this museum is a must visit if you are a lover of art and culture. The museum contains valuable pieces of art and history from such remote places of India's past such as the 16th century. Veerakall(Hero-Stones)was placed at the head of the tomb of dead warriors as stone-markers to honor their heroic deeds.

Where to stay

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