The most beautiful stop on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

by - 7/02/2018

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There are so many things that really sweep me off my feet. I have been striking them off my list one by one, as I explore the world more. One thing that had been on my list for way too long was a Lighthouse. Growing up reading Enid Blyton books like the Famous Five and Secret Seven, I have had a fascination for lighthouses as long as I can remember. However I had not been so lucky to see them first hand. Thankfully, this desire of mine was fulfilled during our Great Ocean Road Drive in Victoria, Australia. I was as excited about seeing the Twelve Apostles as I was visiting the Split Point Lighthouse!

Aireys Inlet, the place of the lighthouse was the second stop of our Great Ocean Road Drive. It's a seaside hamlet; as opposed to the touristy towns of Torquay and Lorne, between whom it is nestled. We could see the lighthouse from a distance but as we approached it, we could not find the way to reach that point. Maybe we had missed the lane leading upto there. However instead of going back (U turns are not that easy in Australia) we drove further and parked our car. Later on we realised that it was a blessing in disguise.
The lighthouse was quite a walk from there but we found a hidden gem: The Painkalac Creek. It was a lagoon right beside the Southern Ocean. It was indeed a feast to watch two different faces of the water bodies. The calm and peaceful creek with the wild Southern Ocean at its back. There were few limestone boulders in the ocean which we named the 'lesser apostles' 😝 One thing we noticed was the cliffs along the Southern Ocean were very prone to erosion. There were warning signs everywhere to stay away from the walls of the cliffs. We could see water water oozing from those rocks because of strong capillary action.

After our stint with the lesser apostles, we walked uphill to the Split Point Lighthouse or the White Queen, as she is adorably addressed by the locals. She was indeed a beauty. Built in 1891, it is perched 70 mts above the sea level. It is the haunt of major ghost stories; as expected from any maritime legends. We did not climb up (maybe it was closed early in the morning) although you can savour some breathtaking views from up there. The surroundings were even more beautiful. The English style cottages made it a postcard like place. So were the flowers. At every corner, we were reminded that it's spring. So many colours, so many blooms! There were a couple of cafes where you can have coffee or breakfast. They looked out of a story book!

I wanted to stay there more but it was just the beginning of our drive. We had a looong way to go and daylight hours were limited. So I bade goodbye to the first ever 'proper lighthouse' of my life. I was pretty content. Later on I also came to know that the song 'My dil goes hmmm' from Salaam Namaste was also shot here!
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