What are the ways to fight indoor air pollution?

by - 7/27/2018

It may be a surprise to many that indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside! Upto five times to be precise! Yes, we think of outdoor pollution only but indoor air can be even more harmful! According to WHO, India has around 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the whole world. And we are not talking about smoke and dust only. Imagine if we are breathing toxins so much outside, what is the indoor situation? Its kind of that we have blindfolded ourselves and have been completely ignoring it.

So what causes indoor air pollution?
Fumes from paints toxic chemicals from furnitures, chemicals emitted from various household chemical agents and lots of other things like carbon monoxide from chimneys, pet danders, floor cleaners, etc etc.
What are the hazards?

Chemicals like formaldehyde and the fumes emitted from cleaning agents are known carcinogens. 
 while inhaling fomites gives rise to asthma and several other respiratory and allergic disease.

We come back to home thinking that its a retreat from the outside noise, chaos and of course dust and dirt. But as I have stated earlier, this is just a myth as our home is not a healthy retreat if we don't purify it! So how can we combat indoor air pollution?

Indoor plants: It has been proven scientifically that snake plants, aloe vera, spider plants, Peace Lily, Dracaena, Boston Fern, Bamboo Palm are some of the plants that fight chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, tricholoroethylene, xylene etc. 

Oodles of sunlight: Its an age old system of disinfection. Strong sunlight kills the toughest of bacteria, fungi and other microbes and its a time tested practice. Thankfully in India we have sunlight galore and we should exploit it to the best. So every morning remove the curtains and open your doors and windows to let the sun in. What if your home does not receive sunlight? Too sad. Then ocassionally put all your mattresses, upholstered things and pillows out in the sun for disinfection. This may be on the terrace or out in the garden.

Vacuum clean regularly: Sadly we Indians have yet to become accustomed to this cleaning habit. We are used to sweeping and mopping which is ultimately recirculation of dust and fomites inside the home. Every thing in our house like the sofa, carpets, corners, curtains etc need to be vacuum cleaned at least once a week! 

Air Purifier: The last and the best method. There are two types of air purifiers in the market: Natural and Electric. Installing electric air purifiers in every room of the house may not be a very lucrative solution but here comes the role of natural purifiers like Vayu 200.
I have always been a fan of natural methods and Breathefresh seems to deliver exactly what we need! From air purifying bags, natural air purifier with anti bacterial essential oils to air purifying plants, their solutions do not involve fancy machinery yet are absolutely effective. Their mission is to improve indoor air, naturally.
I got my hands on Vayu 200 air purifying bag and I plan to get one for every room of our home.
Here is how Vayu 200 can help:

  • It can be hung in a bedroom/ on the crib/bed for purifying air for those eight hours of life everyday.
  • It can be hung in bathrooms so that it absorbs extra moisture and prevents growth of moulds.
  • It can be used in closets for removing unwanted smells and fungi growth.
  • It can be kept in cabinets where we store cleaning chemicals so that there toxic fumes can be absorbed.
  • In cars, refrigerators or any other closed places.

How does Vayu 200 work?

  • It has powerfully activated charcoal fabric as outer covering which absorbs chemicals, moisture and pollutants. It contains eco friendly polyurethane filters that can hold heavy particles. It has a three layer technology that gives 3x power, strength and durabilty.
  • It has a long shelf life of 2 years.
  • Once a month, it needs to be put out in the sunlight for recharge.
  • Absolutely non toxic and safe for children and pets.

Right now I am using Vayu 200 bag for my bedroom and bathroom. What steps have you taken to fight indoor air pollution and keep your loved ones healthy? You can buy Breathefresh Vayu bag from BreatheFresh or you can get it from Amazon as well.

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  1. Its so true indoor air can be polluted I use a humidifier and plants love your bamboo is so pretty.