Visiting Murano, the Glass island of Venice

by - 6/14/2018

We were supposed to cover the island of Murano on the first day itself. But as you know here, it was too late to cover both the islands and hence we did the farther one, Burano. Just as Burano is known for its lace, Murano is known for its glass factories and the famous Venetian masks.

It was our second and last day in Venice and it started on a rather stormy note. When we woke up in the morning it was raining cats and dogs. I knew Venice was colder than rest of the places which we were visiting but never thought that the weather could be this bad. However there was nothing to do in our resort (there was but we are not staycationers)  and had to leave for the main island of Venice. We opened our umbrellas and headed straight to the bus stop.
When we reached Venice, the first thing we did is we boarded the vaporetto to Murano. It was around one hour long ride and we did not want to lose time. The sea was wild in the storm and rain. Finally we reached Murano.
As soon as we headed out of the water taxi, it started raining again. We ran to a nearby glass shop. Although the entire island was studded with those. My partner was scared of knocking something breakable in the shop. The glass items were horrendously expensive. He joked that what the Chinese would have been thinking about these expensive glass items. In India all the glass items which are found are Made in China and they are dirt cheap! So they must be wondering why the hell pay so much for something which is so cheap in their own country!
The glass shops had prohibited photography as well as videography. Too bad! The art of blowing glass was rather fascinating. The glass blower simply turned a ball of molten glass into an exquisite showpiece with his tactics in the furnace. How I wish I could capture it!
Just like the glass pieces, the masks too were expensive. I was adamant that I wanted a mask from Murano itself. Finally hubs yielded to buying a small mask worth 5 Euro. I was happy with that though I had loftier goals.
After hopping a few more glass shops, we made our way to the water taxi port to go back to the main island. We had lots to cover and had just one day only. It was a short and sweet excursion. Goodbye Murano!

Now a legit question. Is it mandatory to visit Murano or can be skipped?

There are lots of places to see and activities to do in Murano. Here are the top things to do in Murano:

For shelling a good amount of bucks, you can try your hand in glass blowing. You can visit the famous Museo Del Vetro ie the Museum where you would get a deeper insight of the glass factory. You can also visit the Mazzega Glass Factory which is the most famous one. From exquisite crystal ball chandelier to life size glass objects, you can find every possible glass item on display! You can pay your respect at Basilica di Santa Maria. Take a boat ride along the Canal Grande. Murano has its own Grand Canal which splits the island into two. You van visit the Palazzo da Mula which is the only palace remaining with Gothic architecture. And of course there are a good amount of restaurants serving mind blowing Italian!
However in order to do all this, you need time and money. You need an entire day and quite a pretty decent amount of Euros to enter at all these places.
We did Murano on a budget. We saw glass blowing but in a shop and without any money! We walked around the island near the jetty in the rain and I am pretty satisfied what Murano means to me! So if you have time, go explore!

Venice is so damn pretty, any part of it would give you thousands of excuses to freeze them into memories!

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  2. Lovely.. I also came to know of another island or town near Venice renowned for the colourful homes called Burano..

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