How to give the most gentle care to your baby?

by - 9/04/2018

Baby care giant Johnson and Johnson comes up with the gentlest range of products for your precious.
 The launch of this range was conducted in the second week of August in ITC Maratha, Mumbai. Mommy bloggers from all over India were flown to Mumbai for this mega launch.

Why do we moms love Johnson's?

  • Well as you already know from this post, J and J had completed 125 years of existence in India. Now that's a really long run. This itself proves the credibility of the brand.
  • Secondly and more importantly, they are the pioneer of revolutionary concepts like no more tears shampoo, absolutely mild Top to Toe wash, baby soaps and all other baby products.
  • All these are clinically proven. They are the only brand to use IFRA certified fragrances in their brands. Formulated by scientists and tests conducted all over the world.
  • Last but not the least, Johnson's is loved by all. I was a Johnsons baby and now I am a Johnsons mom!

What is this new range about?
The ever safe baby brand decided to formulate an even gentler and milder range of products for our babies. They discarded sulphates, pthalates and parabens from the products, eliminated dyes and made them clear.
So here are the products that will make a difference in your kid's life:

Johnson's Rice and Milk baby cream: Our old favourite cream has come up with a new avatar. Apart from the fact that it is free from chemicals, this cream contains the goodness of rice and Milk.
Also it's pure white colour which means no dyes have been used and fragrance is also very mild. My daughter loves being slathered in this cream after shower and before bed.
Kid's shampoo: As you already know, Johnson's have been the pioneer in discovering the No more tears formula decades before. You can read the brief history.
Now this revolutionary shampoo has been made transparent so that you can be assured of its purity. It comes in a tear drop shape for easy use. The bottle itself is pink/ yellow in colour which gives the distinct tinge from outside. Like all the other products, its chemical free and mildly perfumed.
Top to Toe wash: Again this revolutionary baby wash has been made free from suphates, pthalates and parabens. The bigger bottles come with a pump which means easy to use. We mums have to multitask all the time.... ain't it? Also the pump can be locked which would prevent your naughty munchkin from committing any mishaps!
 Baby lotion: Since ages (even before my daughter was born, I had been using and a big fan of Baby lotion and wipes. And these items continue to be a favourite for my baby too.
Like all the other products, the big bottle comes with a pump. The lotion is white in colour and mildly perfumed. It's non sticky yet very moisturising. Me and my daughter love it!

Have you tried the gentlest version of our favourite baby brand? Which is your most favourite product?

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