A night in Burano, Venice: Getting Lost!

by - 9/12/2018

After frolicking around the colourful houses and bridges, we felt hunger pangs. After all we had been surviving on the breakfast we had in Florence with little knick knacks we had after we arrived in Venice. We realised one thing in Burano. It was not a night spot. The reason is very obvious. It was a tiny island in the middle of nowhere where fishermen lived. What else do you expect?
We clicked pictures till it was dark. Then we realised that we needed to have dinner before the restaurants started closing. Most of them had already closed. Only a handful were open. We decided to dine outside at Ristorante Galuppi. What was the use of having dinner in Burano if the coloured houses were not in the backdrop?

The menu looked a bit overpriced. The cover charge was 2 euro per person. I knew the place would be expensive as it was open when the others were closed. It was run by people of Oriental origin. Hence the guests too were mostly South East Asian.

I ordered veg tortellini which was stuffed with pesto. It had never tasted something which was so creamy and delicious. Husband ordered spaghetti in butter sauce to save some bucks and it turned out to be simply bland. He however made it perfect to the spicy Indian taste buds by pouring in olive oil and overflowing it with parmesan cheese and chilli flakes. In the end, it was really sumptuous. I on the other hand relished my tortellini one by one. The number was countable and I wished they served bigger portions.
Suddenly it occurred to us that we should not be lingering at dinner so long. So what if vaporetti did not ply all night long? We were not staying in Venice. We had to go back to Marghera and the buses were limited. So we just gobbled our last morsels and payed quickly. Dining beside the canals had taken a toll on us. There were too many mosquitoes! We tried to know the timing of the next vaporetto. The time table said that it was after 15 minutes. We had to catch it by hook or crook or remain stuck there for another one and a half hours.
The island had totally fallen asleep. There were no streetlights. It was really scary. I had full faith in my GPS partner but unfortunately, we lost our way in the dark. Instead of approaching the port, we had moved away from it.
Now we both got really scared. Not a single soul was on the streets to guide us. We were praying that we don't get mugged suddenly. We found an elederly man and we asked the route to the port. It was quite a walk. I looked at the watch and only 5 minutes were left. We started running, All the food that we had devoured were getting churned inside our stomach. Finally we caught the water taxi we had aimed for! Phew!
After one and a half hour we reached Venice. It was ten at night. Luckily, we got the bus to Marghera immediately. Surprisingly, the bus was crowded. We spotted happening youngsters and soon deduced that they were headed to our resort too. Finally when we deboarded the bus, there were a lot of people with us. We heaved a sigh of relief. We walked with a group from Columbia and it was lovely chatting with them the entire way. I thanked God for keeping us safe. 

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