Smart shopping for shopaholics!

by - 9/21/2018

We all love shopping but we want to be smart shoppers too. Everyone wants a good discount. Don't we? And that's where comes the role of various websites and apps. The thing is that brands provide /have discounts and rebates all the time. The key is to find that website or app that has those coupons. One such website and an App that I came across is owl smarter.

This money saving app gives you lots of smart shopping options as you get a cashback from each purchase you make. There are mainly three sections on the home page: Rebate, my requests and my profile. There are lots of categories to shop like baby care, plus size clothing, bedding, luggages, etc etc. Each product offers a different cashback and in some cases, the actual price of the commodity comes out very low ( because of the huge cashback).
Each brand has different number of followers and you can 'like' the products to save them on your wish list.
The shopping process is pretty simple. For example I want to buy a backpack from Fvino. That bag costs 11.99$ but it offers cashback of 9.59$. So the effective price becomes absolutely minimal. Now you send the request to buy the product. Once the pending request is approved, voila, you can buy the product! The cash back comes pretty fast too.
Easy and budget friendly shopping.
You can download this money back app on Android here and IOS here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing where to shop. Have a lovely weekend.